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Red Wine Hot Chocolate

 Red red wine, you make me feel so fine, you keep me rockin’ all of the time  Yep, we’re definitely thinking about this UB40 song while making this Red Wine Hot Chocolate! It will make you feel oh so fine! This recipe is great for the holidays or just when you have some guests you’d like to feel all warm and fuzzy inside.  This recipe makes two large mugs. It’s very rich, so we recommend putting it into 6-8 smaller glasses (Like shooters!) for your guests to enjoy and sip on after dinner.   

You will need a stove or a cooktop for this hot chocolate. You will combine milk and dark chocolate chunks in a saucepan over medium heat. You could do chocolate chips as well, but the larger chocolate chunks will work best for this recipe.  Be sure to combine the milk and the chocolate at the same time and watch the heat, or your chocolate could burn. And that would be sad ?. You can also do the double boiler method if you want to ensure your chunks melt evenly, and then add it into your warmed milk. It’s more work though, and this recipe is easy peasy on its own!

Our milk of choice is unsweetened vanilla almond milk. We choose almond milk because it’s dairy free and almonds are a great source of protein and good fat. You can use any milk you prefer. If you use whole milk, you will have a thicker hot chocolate, but it will still be pretty thick with plant-based or lower fat milks as well.  Once you do this step you will have thick and creamy chocolate milk. You can stop here if you want to give some to any kids or friends who don’t prefer it to be spiked.  But that’s no fun, so let’s continue! Start adding your vino, about one cup. You can always add more if you’re feeling frisky. We use Cabernet Sauvignon, but you can use any dark red wine you wish. The sweeter the red wine, the more sweet your hot chocolate will turn out.   

Once you pour your Red Wine Hot Chocolate into your shooters, you can get real fancy and top them with some whipped cream. Check your whipped cream labels if you don’t want a bunch of hydrogenated oils and other fillers in there that don’t exactly add to the festivities. There are many good choices out there that are simply just heavy cream and sugar. It’s also really easy to make at home if you choose.  We prefer coconut whipped cream just so we keep dairy to a minimum, but this recipe is not entirely dairy-free due to the chocolate chunks. 

This Red Wine Hot Chocolate is really the perfect after-dinner treat. Just enough richness and sweetness to feel satisfied and happy inside.  If you are looking for another after dinner pick-me-up idea for the holidays, try our Café Au Lait drink recipe!

1 1/2 cup milk ** We used Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk
1 cup red wine ** We used Cabernet Sauvignon
1/3 cup dark chocolate chunks

In a saucepan over medium heat, combine milk and chocolate chips. Whisking constantly until chocolate is melted into milk and you have a thick and creamy chocolate milk. Pour in red wine and heat until everything is hot. Pour into 2 mugs or 6-8 smaller glasses and top with coconut whipped cream.



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