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Healthy Human Interviews: Root for Food

Healthy Human Interviews: Root for Food

Name:  Meghan Dixon

Company: Root For Food

I "got into" sustainability and environmental advocacy by way of food. Being a dietitian by trade, I started getting very curious about food systems and how our dietary choices have an environmental and global impact. I was blown away by this because it was never something I was taught in school.

I have always felt a very close connection with nature and the environment, so when I learned the positive impact I could make on people and planet by being conscious of my food choices, I was all in.

From there, my curiosity and sustainability journey trickled into all other aspects of my life- from skin care, to household items, to transportation etc.

Well, I do a lot of different things! If you follow me on IG, you know this to be true!

I'm often making pottery, up-cycling a piece of furniture, or taking wedding photos.

Well, I'm a dietitian by trade and was in private practice for a few years before I recently transitioned to doing more environmental advocacy work, pottery and photography. So if it's not obvious, I enjoy doing a variety of different things at one time. They all give me so much joy.

But as far as my sustainability work, I am fortunate to have a social media platform to share my own journey- what I know and learn about sustainability. It is my goal to educate people about environmental and humanitarian issues in a very encouraging and empowering way. People are only paralyzed when tactics are fear based. I think it's important to know the facts and to be informed, but there is a way to do that that is inspiring and even fun vs. doom and gloom.

I actually started my instagram account in 2015 in order to educate on and encouraged people to support local foods- farmers, ranchers, bakers etc. Like I said, food is how I got into this space so that is where it all started. It is still my biggest passion. It brings me so much joy when people are inspired to go to their farmer's market, invest in a CSA, grown their own herbs, etc!

I've been dabbling in videos recently- so that's been fun and well received. I hope to do more of those!

Sustainability to me means living in a way that preserves this gorgeous planet and it's resources for future generations. It means being conscious and intentional about our actions, our purchases, decisions, etc. They all have an impact- big or small. And a lot of small decisions add up to make a big difference. Everything we do on this earth depends either directly or indirectly on natural resources. Living sustainably is living in a way that preserves those by treading as lightly as we can and minimizing our individual impacts.

Sustainability to me goes hand and hand with respecting the earth and ALL of it's inhabitants. To preserve and protect. We're not the only species here and many things- once their gone, we can't get them back. There is so much beauty on the earth- it would be such a shame to let that disappear.

Start with ONE thing! Choose a category that most resonates with you: food, transportation, energy, clothing, waste.

Learn how you can be more sustainability in that area. What are little changes you can make to improve you environmental footprint?

For example:

* maybe you go to the farmer's market and focus on buying more local foods

* maybe you ride your bike more and drive less

* maybe you switch to LED lighting in your home

* maybe you try to reduce your plastic consumption by buying in bulk

* maybe you try to purchase less fast fashion and instead, go to resale stores or support ethical brands

Once you start with one action, it will gradually evolve and you will continue to grow in your journey! I encourage everyone to follow accounts- blogs, podcast, instagrams etc that encourage and educate them in these areas.

Well, probably food systems! I'm a huge proponent of regenerative agriculture and the power of traditional practices to restore fertility to our soils. Our soils are INCREDIBLY important in the climate change crisis and traditional farming and agricultural practices with ruminant animals are a huge part of this.

It is a common assumption that veganism is the most sustainable diet you can have- but after many years of reading and research, I now propose an alternative view. A view that revolves around small scale farming that implements various practices such as crop rotation, ruminant animals, permaculture design, soil enhancement, minimal tillage, cover crops and managed grazing to restore the health of our soils. In fact, I was a vegan/vegetarian for 6 years before I learned about regenerative agriculture and recognized traditional farming as a part of the solution to climate change.

I think we can ALL agree that commercial agriculture (CAFOS, monoculture crop etc) is a huge detriment to our earth and is only contributing greatly to the climate crisis- so that is CERTAINLY not what i’m referring to.

It's important because the climate crisis is very real and effects us all! haha. Over the past 50 years, the average global temperature has increased at the fastest rate in recorded history.

Last year in Oct, the IPCC, issued a chilling report. In it, some 90 world climate scientists from 40 countries conclude that if humans don’t take immediate action to reverse global warming (and therefore our greenhouse emissions), the consequences will effectively be baked into the natural systems of the planet and there will be no turning back. The extreme droughts, devastating wildfires, massive floods, deadly hurricanes, and widespread famines that we’re seeing will become more and more common.

But climate change is just one aspect of sustainability. One reason reducing plastic consumption is important is because micro-plastics are literally littering our oceans, killing wildlife and destroying the ecosystems.

There are also humanitarian reasons to live more consciously. Conscious clothing purchases are important because there are humans on the other side of the world that produce fast fashion items in very sad and unethical working and living conditions.

I could go on... but I wont. These things are sad to think about- but knowledge is power because now we can make simple choices every day that help!

Probably via instagram somehow.

The 12 oz cruiser tumbler. It's the perfect size!!

Literally everywhere. I ran all around Key West with my tumbler last month. They use a LOT of plastic there!

By going on a walk

To have the ability to be joyful and peaceful despite external circumstances or life stressors. And also to make a positive impact on people and the earth.

Obviously instagram. Marco polo to keep in touch with my friends. Lightroom to edit my photos. Sorry none of these are very interesting. I'm not super app savvy and honestly try to minimize my screen time.

My dad- "you can be anything you want to be, you just have to do it."

I'd be backpacking across New Zealand. Total Lord of the Rings vibes.

Coffee with cream, meditation, journaling, quiet.

It's not glamorous. I wash my face, brush my teeth and climb into bed after spending the evening with my husband... nothing interesting here! haha.

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