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Our massive list of 107 sites that will help you live more sustainably


Get ready for the most impressive round-up of sustainable living and environmental information resources on the planet. Yet, this list is still only the tip of the iceberg of sites helping the global mobilization towards sustainable living. We’ve specifically highlighted sites focusing on waste reduction and plastic pollution, because this issue is at the heart of our purpose at Healthy Human.


Since this list is so massive, let’s begin with a manageable sub-list of fantastic reader-friendly resources for your daily sustainability needs. These are more for the practical tips and tricks that you use to minimize your impact. From easy plastic swaps, to organic product lists, these sites are all great for perfecting your sustainable habits.



Sustainability is a broad topic, so we wanted to give an ample selection of sites on different topics to explore. You’ll find some of the most compelling sites for shaping environmental discourse.

Environmental and Climate Change News

Next up, let’s turn some go-to news sources that will fill you in on current events. Some of these are classic news outlets that have taken up the planet in their editorial approach, while others are specifically devoted to the nitty gritty details of today’s environmental pulse.

Plastic Pollution

Plastic could be the most problematic item we use everyday. The stuff literally stays intact in the environment for thousands of years and when it breaks down, it just disappears into microscopic shards that remain incompatible with the organic make-up of lifeforms on earth. Learn how advocates of plastic waste reduction approach this issue.


Ocean Conservation and Clean Up

We all know that nothing is more immense and powerful than the ocean. Sadly, we have failed to respect the significance of the underwater world that covers three quarters of the planet. Through activities like overfishing and dumping waste, we have harmed the beautiful galaxy of life beneath the waves. Here are organizations that are doing their best to turn the tide and conserve this bountiful resource for supporting all life on earth. 


Climate Change

For some, climate change is the most critical challenge facing humanity today. It’s melting our icebergs, intensifying weather changes and altering ecosystems that the world’s species rely on to live. Here are sites that help us to understand how significant this environmental trend is for our future and how to stop global temperatures from rising.


Wildlife and Conservation

Currently the globe faces the sixth mass extinction event in the geological record. One in eight species is at risk of extinction due to human activities. The organizations listed are fighting to preserve the world’s natural richness both in the quantity and genetic diversity of lifeforms on earth.


Recycling and Circular Economy

Problems breed solutions and challenges spur innovation. A number of organizations are intercepting the linear waste stream to tap it for economic gain. Others are working to find circular designs that eliminate waste by design. Learn about the exciting trends for recycling and the circular economy.


Consumer Advocacy

A lot of our ability to tackle difficult problems depends on the choices available to us. The consumer advocates listed here work hard to ensure our food meets high standards, our health is safeguarded, and our energy options include clean, renewable sources.


Policy Leaders

Global policy makers have devoted immense energy into understanding how to humans can live sustainably around the world. The many branches of the United Nations and a number of other similar groups have helped us cultivate a vision for a sustainable and inclusive future for all people on earth. Their reports and open data are invaluable resources for any researcher hoping to understand the intricacies of our global dilemmas.


Now that you have the knowledge to improve your sustainable lifestyle, what’s stopping you? Help us by sharing this information with your friends and expanding the conversation and letting us know what you’ve learned from this post. Or, if you enjoyed exploring this list, but feel that something is missing, please let us know.

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