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5 Quick Healthy Meals for When You Are On The Go

Do you feel like you're always in a rush? Whether that be on the go or even busy at home, when you don't have a plan, making healthy food choices can easily slip the mind. 

We want to nourish our bodies with nutrient-dense foods that sustain us throughout the day. Eating out can add up when it comes to your sugar and sodium levels. 

To avoid unhealthy food choices, setting yourself up for success by prepping healthy to-go meals will eliminate the need to grab the seemingly convenient but processed food.

Here are 5 quick healthy meals for when you are on the go

Rainbow Veggie Sandwich

Follow the rainbow and, more specifically your trust your gut! It will thank you. This recipe is packed with all of your favorite veggies that are probably already in your fridge. Rich in fiber and full of dense minerals and vitamins. Think the rule of green-yellow-orange vegetables when putting together this delicious and easy to prepare lunch. Thinly slice the veggies, layer that in-between some creamy hummus to give you the ultimate rainbow effect. Don't forget the healthy bread; this is a must! Opt for whole grain, whole wheat, or sprouted grain bread. A staple in the Mediterranean diet and noted by nutritionists globally. Avoid any processed or store-bought shelf-stable loaves of bread. They are packed full of sugar, sodium, and additives. The key is checking that the loaf is 100% whole grain and will be the most nutrient-dense. Not only is this the prettiest sandwich you'll eat, but it will keep you full and energized while you bounce around throughout your day!  

Dairy-free | Vegetarian | Vegan


Power-Packed High Protein Sweet Potato and Bean Chili 

This is no boring vegan chili; in fact, this is a plant-based power-house! Packed with flavor, nutrient-rich greens, sweet potato, legumes, edamame, and topped off with a creamy cashew creme fraiche. Designed with meal prep in mind, this recipe is an excellent addition to your post-workout meal plan, a really intense or physically draining day. This would fit perfectly into anOn The Go Bento Lunch Box for your meal prep needs. The two stainless steel inserts make great dividers for both the sweet potato chili, steamed broccoli, and edamame. Making ahead for the week? Stack these on top of each other in the fridge, eat on the go or heat up for a great dinner. The leakproof design will be no problem when it comes to your after gym protein power up. No mess, no spills. 

Vegan | Gluten-Free | Vegetarian


Smoked Salmon Pinwheels and Watermelon Salad Bento Box

Healthy and balanced is the key here for this perfectly proportioned lunch for the salmon lover. All items are fresh with no heat required. 

This mouthwatering smoked salmon and goat cheese roll-up will have you sated. Add that in with the refreshing flavors of the watermelon, mint, and cucumber salad, and you've got spring in a box! Easy to make gluten-free, find your favorite corn or GF tortilla and get ready to roll. Top one-half of your bento box stainless steel container with spinach, and add the salmon pinwheels for an extra boost of those essential greens! Add your watermelon salad into the second container, and bam, you’re done.



Chicken & Peanut Quinoa Sautee 

This is an effortless meal to enjoy at any time of the day, extremely versatile and low in calories. Quinoa has so many incredible benefits, a natural plant-based source of protein full of amino acids. This superfood contains fiber, antioxidants, iron, magnesium and is naturally gluten-free. Alternatively, the quinoa can be substituted for brown rice or whole wheat noodles as this can be a staple dish for you to make time again. The chicken breast can be marinated with a little bit of chili sauce (or a homemade bbq sauce if you don't like spice). Freedom to skip the chicken and add tofu for a vegetarian option, along with not adding peanuts, is totally at your discretion. The stir-fried veggie components will add that extra crunch, texture, and nutrients to make this a complete meal. Pack and go! 



Healthy and Happy Bento Box Snacks

We all love to snack; small healthy bites give us extra fuel when we are running at light speed or empty. These can be easily prepped and stored. Pack it in a backpack for a school snack or keep it in your purse when you have a busy day of errands. A perfect companion for your healthyhuman water bottle. Each snack box is under 300 calories each and perfectly proportioned. The smoked salmon bagel, garden fresh, classic deli, and mediterranean snack boxes are given a slight twist, keeping the ingredients simple, substituting heavy carbohydrates with bite-sized crackers. All ingredients require little to no prep, easy to assemble and find at the grocery store. A win-win! 


To help keep you on track, remember these healthy habits: 

  1. Prioritize health
  2. Improve energy 
  3. Eat real foods vs. processed foods 
  4. Ask yourself, what am I putting in my body? 
  5. Hydrate! 

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