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How to create a Morning Routine with Healthy Human

Morning Routine | 

What does your morning routine look like?

If the current situation of the world has affected your work situation and you find yourself working Remote, this blog is for you.

Here we will share some of our remote secrets & tips on how we have mastered the remote work life. Heck, this has helped us also master the art of work-life balance.

So, lets make the most of your morning, Grab that morning cup of coffee, your Healthy Human Stein or Tumbler with water, and notepad and let’s get started:

Healthy Human Life's Top 5 Morning Routine Tips While Working Remote:

1. Wake up at the same time every day

This one is important. We need to keep to a schedule and to do so, we need to set that alarm, wake ourselves up and throw ourselves into the day. I know, the snooze button looks tempting - but say no.

2. Move

Move. Whether it be exercise, walking your dog, or just taking a morning walk with just yourself-Make sure to move.

But for remote workers, there’s another big benefit to a morning workout routine: exercise increases your productivity.

What does this mean? It means that when you sit down at your laptop to get started on your work day, you’re operating at peak productivity from the get-go.

Grab a favorite Healthy Human Tumbler or Stein and fit it up with water.

3. No email until the workday begins

Now this one is my golden rule. Do NOT check that email a minute before work begins. Why? because we all know its a dark tunnel of endless responses waiting on you - So, take that time to settle into your morning. Set your tone before you even click that email icon. Own your day.

4. Take 30

One of the first things I do when I wake up is take 30 mins to me, myself and I.

I make myself a cup of coffee, fill up my #HealthyHuman tumbler with water, and grab my favorite book, and sit on my deck. I wake up at 545am Monday - Friday and do this routine as if it was a ritual.

Again. routine is key but so is a healthy mind. Self-care is also important.

5. Give yourself time & communicate

Set realistic goals and deadlines for the day.

As remote workers, staying in a concrete schedule goes against our nature. It’s why we play in the game is it not? - And we own that game.

Motivation and drive keep our team going. What fuels that is a realistic work schedule which means goals and deadlines. As a remote worker, you are not able to lean over and ask for the extra hand - So, it’s imperative we ask questions, we dig into what we are unsure of before just assuming and taking on that unreal project. We need to respect the honor system.

In the end, I hope you are able to take away 1 or more of our tips. Routine is hard and breaking patterns is even harder. But, if you are up for the challenge - we are telling you now, you won’t regret a little bit of structure.

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