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Why these Homesteaders in the Gila National Forest Started a Blog

Why these Homesteaders in the Gila National Forest Started a Blog

We interviewed sustainability lifestyle expertsScott and Rachael Johnston to learn more about their blog,Planted in the Woods.

Scott grew up in the Gila forest in New Mexico. Rachael grew up in Winnipeg, Manitoba in Canada.

We started blogging because we wanted to inspire everyday sustainability and bring awareness to our Earth’s current situation. We wanted a place to share practical low waste tips and show others that little steps do matter!

We are currently working towards our modern-day homestead! We are in the process of prepping our land, garden and having our home built.

We also love hiking and exploring everything nature has to offer. Living in the Gila National forest definitely has its perks!

We are bloggers, earth advocates, and on a mission to reduce our waste! We currently run a blog calledPlanted in the Woods where we inspire everyday sustainability.

Since we adopted a mostly plant-based lifestyle, we have become more aware in every aspect of our lives. We opened our minds low-waste living and minimalism and have been learning, growing and wanting to share our life in hopes of inspiring others.

Our blog is focused on everyday sustainability. We are a lifestyle blog that covers topics from food to thrifting and all things in between. We share tips on earth-friendly cleaning, ethical fashion, plant-based food, and share ways for everyone to get involved.

We are currently in the process of reconstructing our entire website, as well as a new project that will hopefully launch Spring of 2020!

We started by slowly shifting towards a mostly plant-based diet and then all of the dots started to connect.

Start small and focus on one area at a time. For example, get used to bringing your own bags or water bottle. Once it’s a habit, tackle your next area and take baby steps. Learning to live low waste is a journey; it doesn’t happen overnight. Also, it won’t look the same for everyone. Focus on you, and the things you can do under your own personal circumstances. Another huge thing to remember is that reducing your plastic is just part of the solution. Voting with your dollar, secondhand shopping, supporting your local community and buying ethically made goods is also equally important. Find what works for you and gradually expand as you start to create new lifestyle changes.

Sustainability is important because our survival depends on it. We cannot continue living the way we do because eventually, we will ruin the atmosphere beyond repair, we will run out of fossil fuels, animals will become extinct and the coral reefs will die. We need to put our needs, and the needs of our planet in balance. By refusing, reducing, reusing, repairing, recycling, and rotting (compost) we can create a more sustainable earth for everyone, but in order for change, we need to understand it.

We connected with Healthy Human through Instagram!

We love our Healthy Human Steins! We use them every single day and they keep our water cold all day long. They have saved us from thousands of single-use plastics and help us to encourage others do to the same. They are so durable too!

We take ours to work, to the coffee shop, hiking, camping, to the store, traveling and basically anywhere else we go!

Submerging ourselves in nature. Unplugging and heading out camping for the weekend, or going on a hike and breathing in the crisp mountain air. We feel very fortunate to be able to have access to a lush forest and clean air.

To have happiness and gratitude.

Do what makes you happy and be kind to people

We would be doing the exact same thing as we are doing now! Building our home in the Gila forest and creating a modern-day homestead.

Hydrate, a morning yoga session and practicing gratitude. It's the perfect way to start our morning.


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