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Explore our Live Life Healthy blog for everything you need to live well, waste less and most of all, stay hydrated. You'll also find interviews from our community, and updates from our brand
Eco-friendly products provide health, wellness and environmental benefits. When you choose eco-friendly products for the home, you can cut down on waste and eliminate free radicals and toxins used in many conventional products. In this list, you’ll find the best eco-friendly items for updating your stock of cleaning, kitchen, storage, beauty and bath products.
This year, sustainable packaging has become a hotbed of creativity. Spurred by consumer demand, companies are developing sustainable and innovative solutions to rethink packaging. It’s about time, since packaging accounts for 40 percent of the plastic that enters the waste stream. Here are the top sustainable packaging innovations that could disrupt packaging as we know it.
If you want to inspire your community to develop sustainable practices, you’ve come to the right place. Here, you’ll find key concepts for making your ideal sustainable community project a reality.
Fast fashion has earned a bad reputation for its unethical business practices. Learn how one of the world’s most dynamic industries became one of the worst global polluters with dismal labor standards throughout its supply chains. Learn which fashion brands promote fast fashion and how to avoid it. Your closet and conscience will thank you.
There’s a clear link between single-use plastic and our global plastic pollution problem. Here are the facts on why single-use plastic has a particularly harmful effect on the environment. Learn about the specific amounts of plastic bottles, bags, straws and packaging materials we consume.
When it comes to environmental sustainability, there are clear winners and losers. Can you even name the world’s most sustainable countries off the top of your head? Read how the world’s greenest countries came out on top and what they can still do to improve their environmental reputation. You may be surprised to see who’s number one!
This guide gives you current and reliable information for earning extra cash by recycling with updates on recycling programs, laws and organizations in your area, Get reimbursed for your recyclable materials.
Pollution has become a major health concern because it causes sixteen percent of all deaths worldwide. Learn which countries cause the most pollution for carbon emissions and air pollution. Find out where the most pollution-related deaths occur and how we can solve the global pollution crisis.
While plastic does break down, it doesn’t necessarily biodegrade. To understand how plastic breaks down over time, we have to dig into the science behind the material. Unlike organic materials, which can biodegrade in the environment, plastic stays intact because of its incredibly strong polymer bonds at the molecular level. That’s why in some ways, plastic is forever.
Even though our global human health standard is better than ever before, scientists warn that our human population growth and consumption put the planet at risk. The field of Planetary Health has emerged to help us understand how to sustain our planet and food systems.
We’re facing an unprecedented rise in consumer awareness and sustainable business practices. All of this is led by consumers and the success of conscious consumerism. Here’s how ethical buyers can put their money behind their beliefs.

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