Maybe you’re a coffee lover.  We get it.  We’re not about to convince you otherwise.  But we are going to tell you about a savory beverage called a Green Tea Matcha Latte!  It is jam packed full with body nourishing antioxidants and nutrients.  Matcha miracle elixir has been consumed for over a millennium in the Far East, and is now considered to be one of the most powerful super foods on the market today! So relax and indulge with this easy and flavorful Matcha Green Tea Latte!

You will need a stove/cooktop or a microwave, but we recommend a stovetop.  You will need 1/3 cup of water to start.  Put it in a pot and warm it up to your desired temperature.  Make sure it doesn’t hit a boil.  Once it is warm enough, add 1 tsp. of green tea matcha powder.   For our matcha, we use organic Cognitea Matcha Powder.  Cognitea makes a special matcha powder that not only has the magic of matcha but also has some other great ingredients like organic peppermint leaf, L-Theanine SunTheanine®, & green tea extract.  Together these ingredients promote concentration, alertness, and focus without the negative side effects of caffeine alone. No Jitters. No Headache. No Crash.  It will make you want to do the MA-CHA! Get it? Like the CHA-CHA, but MA-CHA!? Please, hold the applause folks, we’ll be here all week.

Once you have warmed up your matcha powder and water, feel free to add some honey for sweetness and some steamed almond milk for a little creaminess.  We are pouring our lattes into our Healthy Human Cruisers in Guacamole & Graphite.   If you don’t care for almond milk, try another nut milk like coconut milk or cashew milk.  For your honey, we recommend local or raw honey whenever possible.  If you are not a fan of honey, you can always sweeten your beverage with raw coconut sugar, agave or stevia extract.  The matcha will have some sweetness and flavor on its own, so try it first before you add anything!  The less sugar in our bodies, the better.   Did you know that sugar is physically addicting?? Sugar, along with many junk foods, can cause a massive dopamine (The feel-good hormone!) release in your brain.  For this reason, many people can become strongly addicted to sugar!!  The addiction is real! After a few days of sugar detoxing, your body will no longer crave it.  During a sugar detox, you want to eliminate ALL sugars! You will find that sugars lurk in almost everything, even in foods you might not expect, like bread! Once you eliminate the bad sugars for good, it’s okay to introduce some better options back in like honey, sugars in fruits and raw coconut sugar that is much less processed than it’s bright white counter-part.   It might be a winding road to become sugar free, but it’s well worth it for your mind, body and spirit!

If you are loving the matcha, try another similar recipe, our Matcha Cacao Mint Milkshake!

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1 tsp of green tea matcha
1/3 cup hot water along
Steamed almond milk
some honey for sweetness

Add the matcha to the hot water along with the honey and then top it off with some steamed almond milk.


Featured Co-brands: Cognitea Matcha Powder

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