Our Vision

Why we’re committed to health.

At Healthy Human, it’s our mission to inspire people to Live Life Healthy. We know that when individuals do their best to make good decisions, it doesn’t just make their lives better, but it improves the health of the planet too. Healthy people create a healthy world, and right now, more than ever, we’re in need of more people committed to real, sustainable, meaningful health. Through our innovative products, we’re helping people live healthier, allowing them to commit to a responsible, smart, feel-good way of living. Every product we sell is reason to celebrate because it means that one more person has decided to take another step towards living healthier - and that creates a healthier world for all of us to explore and enjoy.

Our team members live and breathe the Healthy Human lifestyle, using our products every day and believing that real change takes place one small step at a time. We are passionate, dedicated and proud of the work we do. Our commitment isn’t just to the health of humans, but also the health of the planet as a whole.

Our company values people, all of them.

We’re all in this together, which is why Healthy Human values our team members as much as we do our customers. We know that healthy humans make a healthy planet. And that power is something that each one of us has, regardless of title or status. We go above and beyond in everything that we do to make sure we’re a company that inspires others to do better and be better. We care about you. We care about our customers. (We even care about your neighbors, Mom, ex-boyfriend and that super cool fourth grade teacher.)

We’re a people-first company, which means we strive for mutual transparency in everything we do. We welcome feedback - always. It’s the best way for us to continue growing and evolving, allowing our company and its mission to reach even more people.

The Healthy Human mission.

We believe our Healthy Human products enable effective, sustainable lifestyle changes. Through our innovative products and designs, we know that we can improve the health of every single human. Yes, it’s a big undertaking, but we know we’re not alone. There is a tidal wave of change happening in the world right now. People are seeing the repercussions of our daily life choices and are eager to make a change. Healthy Human is a company on a mission to give people the solutions they want, inspiring them to keep going and fueling each step so that they can continue their work - the kind of work that will save the world.

At Healthy Humans, we put additional resources behind our mission statement. Not only do we ensure our products live up to our mission, we also contribute funds to environmental awareness causes, such as #strawlesssummer campaigns and more.

Getting to know our ideal customer.

The ideal Healthy Human is a twenty to thirty-something woman who is passionate about making sustainable choices to help improve the health of the planet. Already committed to her health, she’s eager to learn about real steps she can take to make a difference. Thirsty in more ways than one, this woman is a fantastic cheerleader for our brand, taking our mission and values and sharing them with her friends and family. Healthy and happy, when this woman uses her Healthy Human products, people will take notice - and she’ll gladly answer all of their questions because she knows that another healthy human is one step closer to the healthy planet we all need.

Extending our reach.

As an innovative company and manufacturer, Healthy Human creates unique products that aren’t found on any other shelves, whether online or in stores. Although we got our start in stainless steel hydration (and aren’t going anywhere in that market), we’re excited to be growing our product line with a few new products we have in the works - stay tuned to find out more!
So, while our product offerings will continue to grow and evolve, the one thing that won’t change is the overarching product design - making sure humans live their healthiest life possible each and every day.

And, because we know education is the foundation of change, we’re committed to reaching more people by creating valuable informative content that teaches the “why” and the “how” of living and being healthy. Like our products, this information will be available worldwide, from clean ocean to thriving forest.

The future is looking healthy.

Based in beautiful Charleston, South Carolina, we exude a southern-style pride when it comes to producing the highest-quality products possible. Before it leaves our doors, each of our products has been thoroughly quality checked to ensure consistency and reliability, the kind that real, lasting brand reputations are built on. Because we’re confident in our products, each stainless steel product comes with a lifetime warranty, one that we happily back whenever any of our customers are in need.

We know that the only way to continue this reputation of excellence is to innovate, which means we will never settle for the status quo. When you’re out to save the world, average just doesn’t cut it. Although Healthy Human is always looking at the horizon to see what new opportunities await, we know that we’ll never compromise on eco-friendliness and sustainability. At the end of the day, everything we do revolves around our desire to make positive, lasting, healthy changes for the planet and the people who call it home.

Charleston, SC, USA

We believe our Healthy Human products
enable effective lifestyle changes.

We believe in innovation and intelligent design while not compromising eco-friendliness and sustainability..

Random Acts of Giving

Use hashtags #healthyhuman or #takeitwithu on Instagram when posting about Healthy Human to be automatically entered to win a Random Act of Giving! We will randomly select pictures that we love and DM you on Insta to send you a product of your choice! Want extra brownie points? Send a product to a friend or family member instead!   You can also enter by using the Share Your Story below.  Interested in becoming a Healthy Human brand ambassador – check out our program here.


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