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Get a Free Bottle or Cruiser Tumbler with a Hydro Go Subscription - Value $28.99


STEP 1: Select your Hydro Go Subscription

Hydro Go sticks come in three options, designed to help you support your immunity system, aid in sports recovery, or give your body the multivitamins in needs.  


STEP 2: Choose your refillable container

Select a 21oz Stein bottle or 32oz Cruiser Tumbler from our range of vibrant colors. They are built to last, so you'll never need a plastic bottle again.


STEP 3: You're in control

We'll deliver the Hydro Go you need, when you need it, so you'll never run out. Canel or adjust your subscription any time - you're in control.  



** The $28.99 charge for the free bottle or cruiser is discouted at the checkout page.


Free Stein Bottle  or Cruiser Tumbler with Hydro Go Subscription

CNN Underscored

Best Water Bottle 2020 & 2021


CNN ranked Healthy Human the best insulated water bottle in 2020 for the criteria of performance, durability and portability. Citing its "exceptional durability" and "reasonable price tag," CNN placed Healthy Human above competing brands such as Yeti, S'Well, Hydro Flask and Kleen Kanteen.

CNN tested the bottles for toughness and the Healthy Human Bottle scored higher than any other bottle: "After multiple drops onto concrete from five feet in the air, it barely had a scratch."

The Healthy Human bottle also ranked well among other insulated bottles for keeping drinks cold over a 24 hour period and staying leak free throughout the test.

Our unique Healthy Human bottle design earned points for portability. Its 21-ounce size and ergonomic shape make it "extremely easy to hold."


32oz Cruiser Tumbler

Whether you need your ice water, coffee, tea, or pre workout hot or cold all day, the 32 oz Cruiser tumbler has got you. It’s our biggest tumbler, and it’s perfect for whatever you need out of your daily beverage partner.  


An intelligent way to reduce the consumable plastics and paper goods you use each day, keeping a Healthy Human Cruiser in tow is the best way to make sure you have exactly what you need (and want) with you while also watching out for the well-being of the planet. And, because of our insulation technology, it actually keeps your beverage cold or hot 2x longer than traditional coffee mugs or disposable cups.


Use this intelligent 32-oz Cruiser to keep your oatmeal, soup, or coffee perfectly warm or your fruit, yogurt, or smoothie perfectly cold


They Also All Feature:

  • A Sweat Free Design so your tumbler never leaves a ring, soaks your bag, or drips on your shirt.
  • A Splash Proof Lid so you can rest easy knowing wherever you keep your tumbler, nothing will splash
  • A Premium, Food-grade Stainless Steel interior that keeps your drink’s original flavor and NEVER retains or imparts smell or taste
  • A complimentary Stainless Steel Straw & Straw cleaner
  • The ability to fit comfortably in most cup holders
  • Rounded corners to easily clean


Optimized to give your body what it needs

Each HydroGo stick uses high-quality formulations to create the maximum impact on your health.


Our blend of antioxidant-rich Vitamins A, C, D, and E can help supercharge the vital functions in a healthy body, support your immune system, stimulate antioxidant activity, and promote healthy bone structure. We also added a full range of B Vitamins to boost your metabolism and everyday energy.



We combined our Rapid Hydration Booster with a proprietary blend of Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) which help support nerve and muscle health. This innovative blend also contains key vitamins and minerals essential in aiding your recovery from daily workouts, for a powerful and effective Sports Plus hydration and recovery supplement.



We combined antioxidant rich Elderberry, Astragalus, Echinacea, and Ginger to create a powerful and effective blend helping to balance and support your immune system and overall health. We also added Vitamins A, C, and D with minerals Zinc and Selenium - key in helping to keep your immune system strong.


Fueled By Rapid Hydration Booster

Rapid Hydration Booster was formulated to increase your rate of hydration absorption and deliver ingredients and supplements more efficiently.  

Immunity Plus

Sports Plus

Everyday Multivitamin Plus

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Hydro Go Sticks Made with only the Highest Quality Clean Ingredients



The perfect nutritional complement to sodium and zinc is potassium. It helps ensure proper fluid balance in your body. It also assists in moving vitamins and minerals into your bloodstream.

Natural Flavors & Colors


We extract our flavors and colors from fruit, vegetables, roots, and other natural sources.

Vitamin C


The powerful Vitamin C plays a key role in supporting your immune system.   It acts as an antioxidant within the body and can help promote skin health.

Vitamin B


B vitamins help the body convert food into energy. It is known to play a key role in helping support energy levels, brain function, and cell metabolism.

Cane Sugar


Thanks to cane sugar, you’ll feel the full effects of our HydroGo mixes faster. The combination of electrolytes and cane sugar in our blend is designed to support and accelerate the body's absorption process.

Vitamin D


Vitamin D has been studied for its potential role in supporting immune health. Vitamin D normally comes from the sun, so deficiency can happen for people who work indoors. Many people now supplement with Vitamin D to help support healthy levels.



Zinc plays an important role in rehydration and electrolyte absorption in the intestinal tract. Zinc deficiency diminishes the body’s ability to rehydrate quickly, so it’s a crucial ingredient within our Rapid Hydration Booster.

Sodium Citrate


When mixed with glucose (cane sugar), sodium citrate can have an amazing hydrating effect. Without this electrolyte, your body has a harder time getting the nutritional balance it needs to absorb water into your cells.