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8 Celebrities Who Support Sustainability

How to Thoroughly Clean Your Stainless Steel Water Bottle

How the Climate Change Debate Could Determine the 2020 Presidential Election

What if humans disappeared? How long would the restoration of the world’s ecosystems take?

Easy Everyday Swaps That Make a Big Difference for the Planet

8 Celebrities Who Support Sustainability

As sustainability more and more becomes an issue at the forefront of all our minds, it can be interesting and even fun to see which high-profile celebrities support the earth-friendly cause.

How to Thoroughly Clean Your Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Are you totally grossed out by the idea of using a reusable water bottle because of germs? Single-use plastic is hardly the more sanitary option. Rest assured, there is a sure-fire way to clean your stainless steel water bottle thoroughly --

Easy Everyday Swaps That Make a Big Difference for the Planet

Committing to a low-waste or no-waste lifestyle is, well, a big commitment. You might think you need to do a massive, all-at-once overhaul, but that really is not the case. In fact, it is so much easier and more manageable (and more cost-

From plastic pollution to climate change: Africa’s sustainability ...

When it comes to sustainability, Africa has some important wins that we can all get excited about. From the Great Green Wall to plastic bag bans, learn how Africa has made positive changes in spite of many challenges to sustainability.

10 Ways to Make Your Home More Sustainable Today

So much of our decision to commit to a low-waste lifestyle happens in the home. The more sustainable tools you have at your grasp, the more likely you are to transform your home into the most sustainable version of itself that you can. That being said ...

17 Environmental Leaders and Examples of how they ..

Learn how the Sustainability Movement started and what makes it different from Environmentalism. Then get inspired by a list of seventeen environmental and sustainability leaders whose work approaches similar problems from many different angles.

Top 10 Sustainability and Plastic-Free Blogs

If you are excited about the online world of sustainability but don’t know where to start, a great jumping-off point can be finding other people online who have vowed to live no-waste lives. Follow these plastic-free influencers’ blogs, on social media, or on YouTube.

Plastic Waste at the Grocery Store — How to Avoid It

With only 9 percent of plastic actually getting recycled, it is a no-brainer to avoid creating as much plastic waste as possible. At the grocery store, going plastic-free might feel discouraging — even impossible — but even with all the plastic littered around stores,

Plastic waste--the truth about how much plastic gets trashed

The overall amount of plastic waste in the natural environment has exploded in recent years. Find out how much plastic waste we currently produce and why this level is expected to rise. You’ll also learn tips for cutting down on unnecessary plastic in your everyday life.

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