What does it mean to be a Healthy Human?

We want to know what being Healthy means to you and how your Healthy Human products help you accomplish this!

Tell us!

Submit a video of you and your favorite Healthy Human product(s) for a chance to win the Healthy Human product bundle of your choice (up to 4 products)!

To Enter: Record a short 1 minute video testimonial with your Healthy Human in hand about how your product(s) keep you healthy and you will be automatically entered to win the giveaway!

All you have to do is submit a short video from your phone touching on the following points:

  • What does being a Healthy Human mean to you?
  • How do your Healthy Human product(s) help you stay healthy?
  • Tell us why you love your Healthy Human product(s)!

**Be sure to have one or more of your Healthy Humans in the video with you! **

Submit Your Video Here!

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