We’re committed to product integrity

You never have to worry about the materials in a Healthy Human product – We do that for you. We make all of our products with only the highest quality food grade 18/8 stainless steel. Why? Because stainless steel is rust, corrosion and stain-resistant, making it the perfect material for our products. It never imparts any flavors from drinks, and we make sure our bottles have smooth, rounded edges so you never have to worry about bacteria or mold lurking in them.

Healthy Human has carefully researched, designed and created a group of hydration products that are colorful, fun, eco-friendly, safe, reusable and durable. And our stainless steel vacuum insulated bottles never sweat!

We value kindness above all else

At Healthy Human we strive to treat our customers, suppliers, co-workers and all those in the extended Healthy Human family with respect, integrity and honesty. We have made it our mission to make this world a better place, where we can all feel confident and safe in the products we use everyday. We exist to create experiences where passion and purpose come together.


All of our products are designed with smooth, rounded edges that never give bacteria or flavors a place to lurk and hide. Smooth edges also make cleaning a breeze.


Life is complicated. Your water bottle shouldn’t be. That’s why we made all of our bottles with the same size cap to help you keep your life simple. Rest easy knowing they are 100% BPA-free and are lined with 18/8 stainless steel, so none of your beverages ever touch plastic


Wonder why our stainless steel vacuum insulated bottles never sweat? The double-wall construction enables us to suck out all of the air between them, preventing air particles from transferring the heat or the cold to the outside wall. While a perfect vacuum is impossible to achieve, ours come pretty darn close by keeping hot things hot for 12 hrs and cold things cold for 24 hrs. Try doing that with a plastic or paper cup!


The perfect size bottle opening was something we studied and tested for months until we finally settled on what we think is the perfect-sized mouth opening. It makes adding ice and filling a snap, drinking easy, and clean-up a breeze. Our lids are also interchangeable between bottle sizes. Why complicate things? We like simple.


We use only the highest quality 18/8 stainless steel for our bottles. Stainless steel is rust, corrosion and stain resistant making it the perfect material for our products. It never imparts any flavors from past drinks,making it enjoyable to drink from daily.


Healthy Humans are super easy to wash. Their wide mouths allow for easy handwashing with a soft bottle brush.The rounded interior edges never hold on to junk in the creases so your Healthy Human stays squeaky clean with little effort. We always recommend air drying completely, when not in use, before placing the cap back on.


We believe we can improve the health of the planet with every sip we take. Every time you use a Healthy Human product you are improving the world by not filling up our oceans and landfills with throw-away products that take hundreds of years to decompose.


We take pride in our recycled material box and design, which makes our products super sustainable gifts for loved ones. You won’t find any plastic or bubble wrap here!

Are the Polypropylene (PP#5) caps safe?

Here at Healthy Humans we care about our customers health and wellness and that’s why we use polypropylene (PP#5) as it has absolutely no Bisphenol A (BPA). BPA is a chemical that leaches from some types of plastic. Polypropylene doesn’t leach and is also much softer than other types of plastic.

BPA is a synthetic compound found in many plastics, as well as in the lining of canned food containers. It has hormone like properties that have raised some concerns over its safety. It is found in food containers and consumer products. BPA is said to mimic the structure and function of the hormone estrogen. Due to its estrogen-like shape, BPA can bind to estrogen receptors and influence bodily processes, such as growth, cell repair, fetal development, energy levels and reproduction. In addition, BPA may also have the ability to interact with other hormone receptors, such as thyroid hormone receptors, thus altering their function.Some studies have linked it to many diseases including cancer.

Its use has already been restricted in the EU, Canada, China and Malaysia, particularly in products for babies and young children like baby bottles and infant food packaging. Some US states have followed suit, but no federal regulations have been instituted.


What is Stainless Steel and what does 18/8 actually mean?

Stainless steel is a type of metal product that is more resistant to rust, staining and corrosion than regular steel. It is an iron-containing alloy made from some basic elements including iron ore, silicon, carbon, chromium, nickel, nitrogen and manganese.

There are over 150 grades of stainless steel, but only 15 are really used. Healthy Human products are made from the highest quality 18/8 food-grade stainless steel. 18/8 stands for the percentages of chromium and nickel in the steel. So, there is 18% chromium and 8% nickel in our stainless steel. Chromium makes the metal harder, whilst nickel gives it its strength. As a product, stainless steel is used as it’s easy to clean, durable, strong and healthy. Because of these properties, it is the main material that is used in the food, beer and wine industries.

What is Nickel and can it affect my health?

Nickel is an element that is found in abundance on earth. It is resistant to corrosion and that’s why it is used in the process of making stainless steel. There is a small percentage of people, about 10% to 15%, that are sensitive to nickel, however, the health effects depend on the way in which people are exposed to it. In our Healthy Human products we’ve made sure that there is a low nickel content in the stainless steel that we use and that it’s the highest grade in the industry.

Where are Healthy Human Products Made?

Healthy Human Steins & Cruisers are manufacturerd in China. We would love to manufacture our products domestically in the USA.  We have looked at every opportunity out there to do it,  however it’s just not feasible as the production costs would not allow us to offer a competitive price point to consumers.

We hand select each factory that we work with and work hard with them to ensure that each and every product is to the highest standard and is legally and socially carried out to our exacting standards. We work hard with our partners in China to ensure that each and every bottle meets industry standards for quality, safety, fair labor, ethical business practices and environmental responsibility.

We conduct the following four steps to ensure that we here at Healthy Human can sleep at night and that we’re bringing you a great product:

  1. We create a Manufacturer QC Supplier Code that is agreed upon by all parties
  2. We regularly visit each factory to ensure that work is carried out to our exacting standards
  3. We do materials and product safety testing meeting all USA FDA and European Standards
  4. Quality control inspections conducted by Healthy Human

You can rest assured that no bottle has ever been produced without going through our internal checklist!

Is the Stainless Steel for Healthy Human from China Safe?

Stainless Steel is iron containing alloy made from iron ore, chromium, silicon, nickel, carbon, nitrogen and manganese. The properties of the final metal change depending on varying amounts of these elements. There are over 150 grades of stainless steel, of which 15 are most commonly used. Source:

Healthy Human products are made from the highest quality 18/8 food-grade steel. The numbers stand for the percentages of chromium and nickel in the steel. So, there is 18% chromium and 8% nickel in the stainless steel that we use. Chromium increases hardness and nickel gives Healthy Human products their unbelievable strength. Together these two products make it highly resistant to rust or to stains. The reason why it is the material of choice in the food processing, dairy and brewing industries is due to the fact that it is easy to clean, durable and clean.

Here at Healthy Human we do regular product performance and material safety testing through independent, accredited laboratories to ensure that we meet food contact regulatory requirements and that we meet our own exactingly high standards of safety.

What testing companies do you use? What do you test for?

Healthy Human uses the following companies for all independent third party laboratory product testing.



Tests are done on a regular basis.  The testing laboratories use guidelines determined by the US FDA and European Union.

In addition Healthy Human inspects all shipments prior to dispatch from manufacturing locations.  All products are required to pass stringent quality control checklists.

Which is better? Stainless Steel or Aluminium?

Without a doubt stainless steel and here’s why. Aluminium products need to have a protective inner lining so that it doesn’t come into contact with food or beverages as it can emit toxic chemicals making it unsafe for us humans to consume what’s inside.

Aluminium bottles are most commonly lined with plastic resins or baked-on epoxy, which are both known to impart BPA and other harmful chemicals into the bottle. It also gets easily scratched exposing the aluminium underneath. Another material that is used to line aluminium bottles is ceramic and this actually cracks as it’s rigid, once again exposing the harmful aluminium underneath. So we’re sure you can see why we say that stainless steel is better, and safer. All of these liners also make it difficult to get rid of tastes and flavors which means you’ll be tasting yesterday’s coffee with today’s tea! This is why we are firm believers in our 18/8 stainless steel material that is completely safe for human use, are non-toxic and BPA free. We’ve also designed them with rounded corners so no nasty germs and gunk can get stuck anywhere – they’re a dream to clean!

Do Healthy Humans have BPA

Absolutely not! Since forming in 2015 we have been committed to the health and wellness of our customers as well as providing a safe and healthy solution to plastic water bottles and all of our Healthy Human bottles are BPA free.

We deliberately chose 18/8 food-grade stainless steel over aluminium or plastic due to the safety elements of this first class material.
Not only are our bottles BPA free but so are our caps, so you won’t be finding any BPA in any of our Healthy Human products for sure!

Do Healthy Humans have a liner?

No, as it’s not needed. Healthy Humans are all made from 18/8 high quality stainless steel that is free from all harmful chemicals and of course BPA.

Aluminium bottles on the other hand are all required to have a lining as without it the contents in the bottle would be unsafe to eat or drink. These linings are also known to have linings that contain BPA or crack as they’re rigid and the aluminium makes its way through to the contents inside, therefore making it an unsafe option.