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21oz Buy with Prime Bottle Special Bundle - Rose


21oz Buy with Prime Bottle Special Bundle - Rose

Meet the Stein, this perfectly proportional Healthy Human water bottle is designed to keep you hydrated whether you’re on the road, hiking up a mountainside, or climbing those stacks of paper at work. The everyday essential you’ve been looking for, the Stein is the most practical way to achieve all of your hydration goal.

Bundled with the Twist N Sip Lid & Bumper Boot.

21oz Buy with Prime Bottle Special Bundle - Rose Information

 A Sweat Free Design so your bottle never leaves a ring, soaks your bag, or drips on your shirt.

✅ A Leak Proof Lid so you can rest easy knowing wherever you store your bottle, nothing will leak, ever.

✅ A Premium Stainless Steel interior that keeps your drink’s original flavor and NEVER retains or imparts smell or taste.

✅ A very comfortable 3-finger carry lid.

✅ A wide mouth for easy ice cube loading.

✅ The ability to fit comfortably in most cup holders.

✅ A complimentary carabiner.

✅ Rounded corners to easily clean.

✅ An intelligent way to reduce the consumable plastics and paper goods you use each day.

✅ Keeps cold beverages cold for 24 hours, and hot beverages hot for 12 hours (PIPING Hot for 6 hours).

  • 16oz Stein: Base Width: 2.75", Height: 8.5", Weight 10oz
  • 21oz Stein: Base Width: 2.75", Height: 10", Weight 12.2oz
  • 32oz Stein: Base Width: 3.5", Height: 10.25", Weight 15.3oz
  • 40oz Stein: Base Width: 3.5", Height: 12", Weight 18.1oz
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21oz Buy with Prime Bottle Special Bundle - Rose

Introducing the perfect answer to all your hydration needs: a sophisticated and stylish water bottle that surpasses every expectation. Say goodbye to sweat-drenched designs that leave unsightly rings and wet bags, and say hello to an advanced sweat-proof design that keeps your bottle dry while keeping you mess-free.

Thanks to its leakproof lid, you can store it almost anywhere without worrying about any spills or leaks! Its high-quality stainless steel interior ensures that drinks maintain their original flavor—no unpleasant tastes or smells will ever stay in our 21oz stainless steel water bottle!

The three-finger carry lid is comfortable and easy to grip, and the wide mouth is perfect for loading ice cubes. The bottle fits comfortably in most cup holders, and the complimentary carabiner makes it easy to take it on the go.

Our 21oz stainless steel water bottle sports rounded corners that make cleaning a breeze. And with its ability to keep cold beverages cold for 24 hours and hot beverages hot for 12 hours, you can enjoy your drinks at the perfect temperature no matter where you are.

Now you can stop using those disposable plastic and paper products and switch to our clever, eco-friendly solution. Ready to upgrade your hydration experience? Get your hands on a premium 21oz stainless steel water bottle today for top-of-the-line convenience!