Slate Gray stainless steel insulated curve water bottle by Healthy Human
21oz Slate Gray stainless steel insulated curve water bottle
Slate Gray stainless steel water bottle insulated hydration product

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Slate Gray Curve

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The newest stainless steel water bottle to our hydration lineup.

At Healthy Human, we don’t believe in one-size-fits-all anything. We know that awesome comes in all shapes and sizes, which is why we’re happy to introduce the newest member to our hydration lineup, the Curve Insulated Water Bottle.

Designed to be just the right size for everyday life, our 21-ounce Curve bottle is just another way you can stay ahead of the curve. While everyone is talking about what needs to be done to help protect our planet, you’re actually doing something. You know that each small step in the right direction matters - and we’re excited to keep you healthy and hydrated every inch of the way.

Built for extraordinary comfort (and great looks too), the Curve water allows for super-easy carrying. It’s the go-to water bottle you’ve been looking for! Capable of keeping your favorite beverages hot, cold, and just right, it’s the curvy little companion that will see you through from start to finish.