Should I wash my Stein / Cruiser before its first use?

Yes! Hand-wash your Stein and cap with hot, soapy water. Rinse them both well, and it’s ready for it’s first adventure.

How Do I Clean My Stein & Cruiser?

Easy! We recommend hot, soapy water with a soft bottle brush and air drying. If you feel that your bottle needs a more thorough cleaning, wash it with 1/4 cup apple cider vinegar, 3-4 tablespoons of baking soda and hot water. You can even leave it to soak overnight for stubborn stains or odors. Please do not use bleach or chlorine cleansers since the naturally protective finish of stainless steel, while very durable, can be damaged by these ingredients. We DO NOT recommend the dishwasher as it will compromise the vacuum seal insulation and void your warranty.

Can I Put My Insulated Stein or Cruiser In A Microwave?

No! Stainless steel is not microwave safe!

Can I Put Hot Liquids In My Stein & Cruiser?

Yes! You can pour hot liquids directly into our insulated Steins & Tumblers. Always take care

when pouring hot liquids into the bottle and do not overfill.

What Types Of Beverages Can I Put In My Stein & Cruiser?

Just about anything you can think of from hot or cold! Cold – water, juice, kombucha, wine, chocolate milk, gin or beer. With our double wall insulated design, you can fill it with any hot beverage too such as coffee, tea, hot chocolate, soup, chili etc. Be careful with carbonated drinks as they will build pressure when shaken just like in any other bottle.

How can I stop my bottle cap retaining flavors or smells?

Soak them in diluted white distilled vinegar or apple cider vinegar overnight, then give a good rinse. Apple cider vinegar is recommended for tougher smells as it is more acidic.

How do I get tea stains out of my Stein/Cruiser?

Vinegar  and baking soda are your Stein/Tumblers best friend when it comes to stains. You can make a paste using a little bit of white distilled vinegar and a little bit of baking soda and give it a good ole scrub. The baking soda is an all-natural abrasive that will help get the stains out. You can also soak it overnight in a mixture of about a quarter cup of white distilled vinegar and 3-4 tablespoons of baking soda. Note soaking your entire Stein/Tumbler in hot water can discolor the powder coat.

How can I can’t get the smell/taste of coffee (or something else) out of my Stein/Cruiser?

Your Stein/Cruiser is made from pure 18/8 stainless steel that will not retain flavors or smells after you’ve thoroughly cleaned it. Usually giving it a good scrub with a bottle brush and warm soapy water will do the trick. If it needs a bit more attention try mixing a quarter cup of white distilled vinegar and 3-4 tablespoons of baking soda in warm water and let it soak in your Stein overnight, then give a little scrub and rinse. Apple cider vinegar is recommended for tougher jobs!

Sometimes the problem is in the cap, especially if it has a silicone ring. Make sure you pop the ring out now and again and really scrub it well. You can also soak the cap overnight in the same mixture of white distilled vinegar and baking soda you use for soaking the Stein/Tumbler.

Can I fill my Stein/Cruiser with acidic beverages such as juice?

Yes! Acidic beverages will not damage this high-quality stainless steel.

Can I use my Stein /Cruiser for milk, breast milk or formula?
Yes! Your Stein is made of 18/8 high food-grade stainless steel, the same stuff they use in the dairy and food industry.

Can I use my Stein /Cruiser for carrying alcohol?

Yes! In fact, our 32oz/946ml Stein holds an entire bottle of wine. Many people use the 16oz Stein to carry liquor and the big 64oz Stein/Growler to transport a half gallon of beer. All our products are made of pure 18/8 stainless steel, which is often used in the beer and wine making world.

Do Steins & Cruisers sweat?

Zero Sweat! Our Insulated Steins/Tumblers are made using double-walled construction with vacuum insulation, giving it amazing insulating properties. So no matter what you place inside them or what the temperature is outside, your hands stay dry!

Can I put hot liquids in my Stein/Cruiser or use it like a thermos?

Yes! Our high-performance, double-walled, vacuum insulated Steins/Cruiser are designed to function just like a thermos, a to-go mug or food storage container. It will keep its contents hot up to 12 hours in the 21oz, 32oz, 40oz and 64oz Steins and cold up to 24 hrs!. The 16oz Stein will stay hot up to 8hrs and cold up to 12hrs due to it’s smaller size. The Tumbler keeps beverages a minimum of 2x’s colder or hotter than any normal glass or mug.

How do I clean my Healthy Human Stein Classic lid?

Now that you own a Healthy Human Stein, you will quickly come to realize it really outshines other waters bottles. Like any other prized possession, you give them a little extra love and care. An important aspect of maintaining your Healthy Human Stein and lid is to perform periodic cleaning and possible gasket replacement. Doing so will ensure your Stein does not leak or retain any lingering smells from beverages past.

First soak your lid in distilled vinegar and baking soda overnight and if you still smell something, chances are you need to remove the lid gasket and do a more thorough cleaning, this can be done with a pair of tweezers very easily. You can then soak the lid and the gasket separately. We have discovered a common cotton swab is the best cleaning tool for inside the lid. Be sure to rinse well and perform the smell test again. If you still smell yesterday’s coffee your gasket needs to be replaced. No problem! Simply contact us directly and we will send you a new one right away! No questions asked.

How do I clean my Healthy Human Tumbler lid?

Cleaning your Healthy Human Tumbler lid and gasket is super easy. Simply remove the gasket/ring from your lid, being careful not to stretch it too much, you want it to remain as tight as possible for a good seal when on your cup. Using a soft cloth to wash the lid and gasket or popping in the dishwasher are both good options for daily cleaning. If you would like to do a deeper cleaning soak in a mixture of distilled vinegar and baking soda overnight. Rinse well. This should remove any lingering smell and help keep it clean.

I hear a rattling in my Cruiser or Stein?

The rattle you hear is a small metal disc that sits between the double wall of your Stein and Tumbler that helps in the vacuum insulation process. Sometimes the disc can become dislodged, which will create a small noise or rattle. Do not fear, it will not affect the insulation or structural integrity of your Stein or Cruiser and is safe. However, it can be annoying to some people, in that case just contact us directly for a replacement!

If your gasket becomes too loose after awhile, do not worry, we are happy to send you a replacement! Simply contact us directly and we will mail you one right away