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An All-natural DIY Spa Day at Home

An All-natural DIY Spa Day at Home

In order to reach our fitness, career, health and life goals, self-care is essential. But if you don’t have the time or money to recharge by treating yourself to a day at the spa, why not create a DIY spa day at home?

We all need some pampering!

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Before you shell out $100 to $300 for a massage and facial at your local spa, consider pampering yourself with these homemade, all-natural spa treatments. They cost cents, take minutes to make and will leave you feeling pampered and powerful!

Here is your essential guide to a day (or evening) of DIY spa treatments at home. By the time you’re done, these hacks will have you glowing from head to toe:

  • Benefits of DIY spa treatments
  • Hacks for creating a spa mood at home
  • DIY spa recipes

Benefits of DIY spa treatments  

Who has time to go to the spa? Squeeze in some all-natural self-care after a long day at work or while the kids are sleeping.

Low Cost: If you don’t already have them in your home, you can find most of the ingredients in the DIY spa recipes below at your local grocery store for less than $5.

All Natural: The average adult uses 9 products a day, with 126 unique chemical ingredients. Our skin is our largest organ. Protect it by using 100% all-natural, homemade products that don’t contain any harmful toxins or chemicals. Using some store bought products, too? Check them out on this app to make sure they are safe to use.

Flexible: If you’re struggling to take care of yourself the way you know you need to, one of the best things you can do is to make self-care more convenient. Do these treatments all at once, or one a week at night just before you go to bed. Keep them on hand for when you need them, and cross scheduling spa appointments weeks in advance off of your to-do list.

Social: Why not invite a friend over to enjoy these treatments with you? She’ll appreciate the chance to relax with you, and spending time together will reduce your stress even further.

Hacks for creating a spa mood at home    

Create a spa mood by lighting candles, playing soft music and having lemon water and healthy snacks on hand.

Skipping the spa doesn’t mean you have to skip the spa atmosphere. Before you get started, take a few minutes to prepare your bedroom or bathroom for your DIY spa day. Light some candles, put some essential oils in a diffuser and put on some spa music. Make sure the room is dimly lit and warm. If you have a fireplace, or even a space heater, put it to use.

Put out a pitcher of water with sliced lemon and cucumbers in it, as well as some healthy snacks, like nuts and fruit. The smell of citrus will lift your spirits, and the almonds, which are packed with magnesium and B vitamins, will assist the production of serotonin.

Finally, have a basket of small towels or washcloths on hand. For an instant steam without a spa-grade steamer, dampen 1 washcloth, put a few drops of essential oils on it, and put it in the microwave for 15 seconds. Lay with the towel on your eyes, feet or hands. Tada! An instant steam!


Feeling overwhelmed? One of the first steps to self care is to make sure you're hydrated. Grab a bottle and #TakeItWithU

Get hydrated

DIY spa recipes

By using ingredients you have around the house, you can have a full DIY spa day at home for a tiny fraction of the cost you would have spent on treatments at a spa. 

Raw honey lemon facial cleanser

If you have combination skin, a honey lemon facial cleanser can help balance it. Honey is naturally healing and antibacterial, and the citric acid in lemon washes away acne-causing bacteria and tones skin.

Whisk together 2 t raw honey with 1 t fresh lemon juice. Warm it between your hands and smooth it onto your face and neck. For a deep pore cleanse, leave it on until it dries. Wash it off with warm water.


Oatmeal and brown sugar facial scrub

In a grinder or food processor (a coffee grinder will work fine), grind 1 T oatmeal with 1 T brown sugar. In a small bowl, combine ground sugar and oatmeal with 1 T raw honey, 1 T olive oil, and 3-5 drops of essential oils of your choice. Using a little bit of warm water, apply to your face and slowly massage it into your skin in a soft, circular motion. Leave the scrub on for 5-10 minutes, and rinse off with warm water.

The brown sugar will exfoliate your skin, while the olive oil nourishes it and the oatmeal soaks up dirt.


Witch hazel facial toner

Witch hazel is derived from a shrub and contains astringent, tannic properties that can remove excess oil, tighten pores and tone skin. Some studies show that the tannins in witch hazel neutralize free radicals and have anti-aging properties.

Combine 2 oz. of witch hazel with 6 drops of lavender oil and 6 drops of tea tree oil in a mini bottle (spray bottles work great!). Apply to a cotton ball, or spray directly on your face. (Recipe courtesy of Life With Love Bugs).

Aloe and cucumber eye gel

If you’re pressed for time, this is a great one to mix up and keep in your fridge for a little treatment after an extra-stressful day. Cucumbers have hydrating and anti-inflammatory properties, and aloe cools and soothes tired and worn-out skin.

Place ½ large, peeled and diced cucumber in a food processor. Process until it is liquid, and then strain through a fine sieve. Place 5-8 T aloe vera gel in a bowl and whisk in 2 T of the cucumber water. Let chill for 1 hour. Store in an airtight jar in the refrigerator. (Recipe courtesy of The Dabblist)        

Want to prevent wrinkles? Moisturize. Coconut oil makes a great moisturizer.

Eucalyptus bubble bath

No spa day is complete without a bubble bath! In a mason jar, combine ½ cup distilled water with ½ cup eucalyptus liquid castile soap, ¼ cup vegetable glycerin and 5-10 drops of eucalyptus essential oil. Shake gently (ingredients will separate) and pour a bit under running warm, water.


Lavender salt scrub

Combine ½ cup Epsom salt with 2 T olive oil. Chop a few fresh sprigs of rosemary or lavender and add it to the bowl, along with 5-10 drops of lavender essential oil. Apply all over skin, rubbing in a circular motion. Rinse with warm water. 

Coconut oil moisturizer

This one requires no additional ingredients! Just take about 1 T of high quality coconut oil and gently massage it into your skin after your bath. Apply to cracked feet, dry elbows, your lips – anywhere you especially need some extra hydration.

Have you had a DIY spa day recently?

If you haven't, it's time for some serious self-care! Take a day to yourself and call everything off for a staycation.

The first step to self-care is to make sure you've had enough food, water and sleep. We can help with hydration. Pick your favorite Healthy Human water bottle and #TakeItWithU everywhere.