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We create products that make it easy for Healthy Humans to make small lifestyle changes that help to eliminate single-use plastic waste.



To be a leading innovator in sustainability.

Healthy Humans just get it. You care about the world and you are making strides to protect this majestic planet we all call home, not just for today but for future generations.

We thank you for being a Healthy Human.

Charleston, South Carolina


Healthy Human not only makes water bottles. We are out to change the world.

Our founder Richard Stanton has traveled to over 70 countries, and he has seen first hand the devastating impact pollution is having on our planet. He has seen once majestic destinations become overrun with litter and debris, especially plastics. As a serial entrepreneur, Richard became determined to be part of the solution of eliminating single-use plastics. This led him to create the first Healthy Human bottle in 2015.

Setting out to create a simple, easy-to-use solution to an everyday problem, Richard worked to thoughtfully design the ideal reusable water bottle. Working with product designers and manufacturers around the globe to get it just right, no detail was too small. From ensuring the mouth was large enough for ice cubes, to lining the tops with stainless steel so no plastic ever touches your drink, to designing a comfortable 3-finger carry lid, and of course ensuring the bottles keep drinks cold or hot for hours, Richard and his team thought of it all.

He quickly found fellow Healthy Humans who understand the mission to eliminate single-use plastics and protect our planet. They love the bottles and accessories, the ease of use, and how they hold up through everyday life and travel. Most importantly they love that it helps them live life sustainably.

Healthy Human is not done yet! The bottles are only the first tool to fix the real problem, the plastic waste crisis.


Our Healthy Humans are changing the world, starting with their own communities. They care about the planet and want to protect it through little lifestyle changes that really add up. They bring their own bags to the grocery store, they skip straws at restaurants or bring their own!

They don’t need plastic water bottles because they bring their Healthy Human bottle with them everywhere!


Our Healthy Human Brand Ambassadors are our most loyal customers. They believe in the mission wholeheartedly and share their passion with others. They connect with friends and strangers to share how important it is to make sustainable choices, and we appreciate all our ambassadors bring to the brand and the world.


One Healthy Human water bottle can replace 167 plastic bottles per year. By 2050 our oceans will contain more plastic than fish if we do not act fast. By providing easy alternatives to plastic, Healthy Human is working to eliminate plastic waste and protect the planet we call home. Richard and the Healthy Human team are putting health first to create an environment that will save all of the treasures of the Earth. The once pristine destinations he traveled to will become beautiful again.