Take the Pledge to Live Life Healthy

Healthy Human supports healthy living in every way.


This means caring for your health and wellness, treating others with kindness and caring for our planet so we can enjoy it both now and in the future.


Take our pledge by practicing nine Healthy Human principles. You’ll soon make a difference in your daily life and the lives of others.

Eat and drink healthy

Eat and Drink Healthy

  • Nutrient-rich foods
  • Organic, non-processed foods
  • Stay hydrated
Live actively

Live Actively

  • Stay physically fit
  • Take adventures
  • Live up to your full potential
Practice self-care

Practice Self-Care

  • Practice mindfulness
  • Take time for personal growth
  • Find balance in mind, body and spirit
Care for others

Care for Others

  • Spread kindness
  • Practice gratitude
  • Help those in need

Include and Respect Diversity

  • Don't discriminate against others based on their differences
  • Listen to diverse opinions and perspectives
  • Help those in need gain access and support
Protect Nature

Protect Nature

  • Conserve land and waterways
  • Protect endangered species
  • Spend time in National Parks
Conserve water and energy

Conserve Water and Energy

  • Walk, bike or share rides
  • Use renewable energy
  • Limit your daily water use
Reduce waste

Reduce Waste

  • Avoid single-use plastic and recycle
  • Buy high-quality, durable goods
  • Cut back on unnecessary things
Give back to your community

Give Back to Your Community

  • Support impactful organizations
  • Donate your time
  • Get others involved

Tell Your Story

Enjoy the journey

Lead by example

Share your path towards a sustainable, healthy life


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