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10 reasons you’ll love our pet gear - a pet food and travel bowl

10 reasons you’ll love our pet gear - a pet food and travel bowl

Did you know that Healthy Human offers more than just water bottles? Our  Pet + Human Bento Boxes  have been making waves. You can use them to bring food on your picnics and camping trips--but why not share the fun with your pets?

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Bring snacks along for the family and that includes your dogs or even youradventurous cats. These Bento Boxes make it easy to include pets on your adventure, so they won’t get hungry or thirsty.

Here are 10 reasons you’ll love using our Bento Boxes with your pets.

Bento Boxes with treats

10 Benefits of Healthy Human Pet Bowls

1. Packing pet supplies doesn’t have to be a hassle anymore

Pet gear adds up, and unless your purse, backpack, baby bag or stroller doubles as a pet supplies carrier, there’s not really a good place to put everything. When you’re out with pets, at a minimum, you’ll need poop bags, a leash and collar.

But you might also want to bring treats, toys, or even a brush to groom your pet. With these bento boxes, you’ll not only have a way to carry food and water, but you can also get ones with enough compartments for all of the extra pet supplies you love to take on the go.

2. Portable pet gear makes it easy to travel with the whole family

We know that pets are as much a part of the family as your partner and kids. They shouldn’t be an afterthought either. With these Bento Boxes, you’ll have an easy way to include the frolicking, furry members of the family wherever you want to go: the beach, hiking or to the park.

3. It’s an all-in-one pet travel bowl set

The stacking shape of these Pet Bento Boxes makes them superior to other products available for packing food and water. It’s a space-saving design that remains clean and easy to manage. Food goes in one compartment, water in another and if you choose the larger sizes, you can also add supplies.

4. It’s spill-proof, so it’s a great pet water bowl

The top compartment of these bowls will really help you keep your things dry. Usually if you tote an open water bowl with you, you have to dump out the excess and toss it in a plastic bag, so it doesn’t get your other things wet. But this carrying bowl has a vacuum sealed lid that both preserves the remaining water and keeps your other belongings dry.

5. Use them to store other pet gear besides food

All of our products are great for this. Get creative and store all of the little odds and ends you need to bring with you. Every pet has different needs from medication to special treats. The size of these Bento Boxes is perfect for collecting everything in one place and still having room to share extras with the neighbor dogs.

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6. It won’t fill up your backpack, because it has an easy-to-hold handle

If you usually combine your human and pet products all in the same bag, you’ll find they become a bit cramped for space. Now you can stay organized by holding your pet supplies in one hand, while still carrying a backpack full of other stuff on your shoulders. The Pet Bento Boxes feel a lot like carrying a pail or bucket, and they are just the right size, so they don’t get too heavy, either.

7. Have more than one pet? Increase the stacking size

We’ve made it easy to carry everything you need all in one stacking case by giving you the option to choose a two-, three-, or four-compartment case. However big your pet family is, there’s always room to expand the carrier for more supplies.

8. It’s made of materials that won’t harm your pet

Just like all of our products, our Pet Bento Boxes are made with 18/8 food grade stainless steel and BPA-free plastic. This is not a luxury you’ll usually find when purchasing pet products, which are not upheld to the same health standards as human products.

But we know your pets deserve as much if not more health precautions because they can sometimes be more sensitive to the adverse effects of harsh metals or chemicals.

9. Pet-friendly picnics are easier than ever now

Socially distanced picnics are the best way to socialize during the pandemic: they’re outdoors, you can easily spread out, and now you can bring your pet(s) along with ease.

10. You can add more pet day trips onto your bucket list

Usually you have to have pit stops along the way, and it’s hard to go long distances on foot with your pet. Not anymore! You can take them along for those longer day trips on foot by simply filling up your Pet Bento Box and heading out.

Can you think of other creative ways to travel with your Bento Boxes? Snap a photo and share them with us on Instagram using #healthyhumanlife. Follow our updates via @healthyhumanlife.