When brands come together to collaborate, magic happens. Beyond just adding one brand’s label to a product made by another company, brand identities mingle to create a stronger purpose and message.

Healthy Human Co branding stainless steel water bottles
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Customize your own healthy humans

What are the benefits of Co-branding with Healthy Human?

At Healthy Human, we’ve made co-branding easy. Our bottles and products can easily become the canvas for your brand’s logo.

Show that health matters

Hydration is one of the building blocks of overall health. But it takes dedication to drink enough fluids day-to-day. Our bottles and tumblers help others meet their daily needs.

Share our zero waste mission

When you choose to co-brand with Healthy Human, you automatically sign up to spread awareness about single-use water bottles, coffee cups and coffee lids.

Share our fantastic designs

Every detail of our products is designed for durability and comfort. Thanks to Tempmax vacuum insulation, our bottles and tumblers keep hot drinks hot for 12 hours and cold drinks cold for 24 hours. Our products become well-loved companions for work, travel and adventure.

Inspire small actions that add up

When customers swap a Healthy Human water bottle for single-use plastic bottles, they can save about 137 plastic bottles per year from going into landfills or our oceans.

Share our customer satisfaction

Beyond our excellent products, Healthy Human is known for its customer service. By listening to our customers and understanding their needs, we have earned their trust.

Great ways use our co-branded products

Here are a few examples of ways that healthy human co-branded products can enhance your event, organization or celebration as either a product or a gift:

Outdoor festivals and concerts:

For both attendees and vendors at music festivals, minimizing waste is crucial. Sell refillable co-branded bottles or tumblers at your beer, smoothie or coffee stand.

School-wide zero waste initiative:

Give your teachers and students a chance to show their school spirit while reducing waste at school or on campus by co-branding our water bottles.

Convention organizing:

Hosting a convention with lots of attendees who will need to drink hot beverages throughout the day? Create custom Cruisers in an attractive color.

Wellness retreats:

Focus on self-care, wellness and mindfulness while emphasizing the importance of hydration with our co-branded water bottles.

Team-building events:

Productivity gets a boost when people are well-hydrated and caffeinated. Put your company logo on our bottles or tumblers to hand out to the team.

Celebrate work anniversaries or milestones:

Give your employees a memorable high-quality stainless steel water bottle or tumbler for reaching a milestone.

Sustainable gift box pairings:

Sell our co-branded bottles or tumblers in a sustainable gift set with your products.

Club or sports team souvenirs:

For active and fit groups that depend on hydration, our co-branded bottles are a must have item.


Healthy Human stainless steel insulated water bottles


healthy human stainless steel insulated cruiser tumblers