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10 Best Essential Oils for Energy and Vitality

10 Best Essential Oils for Energy and Vitality

Need an extra spring in your step? Try these powerful essential oils for energy this Spring.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) believes that so many people in the U.S. are sleep deprived that it has become a seriouspublic health problem.

If you’re tired, you’re not alone. In a recent study, the CDC found that more than a third or American adults arenot getting enough sleep on a regular basis.

But on days when you’ve done everything you could to get a good night’s sleep and life had other plans in store, essential oils may help. Here’s everything you need to know about essential oils for energy and vitality and how to incorporate them into your life. 

Can essential oils really help improve our energy?

silohette of two pplAlthough essential oils will never replace a minute of the7 hours of sleep most adults really need for optimal health, essential oils can serve as a natural aid to stimulate energy, focus and vitality.

The practice of using essential oils for aromatherapy, healing and therapeutic use dates back to ancient China.The ancient Chinese, Egyptians and Greeks used them for both cosmetic and therapeutic purposes, as well as for rituals and spiritual reasons.

  • At festivals, Egyptian women wore perfumed cones on their heads that would melt under the heat, releasing beautiful fragrances.
  • Hippocrates employed techniques such as massages with infusions and baths that incorporated herbs into his therapeutic practices.
  • Greek physician Dioscorides used herbs for medicinal purposes to heal soldiers in the army.

A bottle of peppermint oil will never replace a good night’s sleep or likely heal an underlying condition. However, thousands of years of use and research suggest that essential oils can play a powerful role in improving our overall health and wellness.


10 best essential oils for energy and vitality


Orange oil can help you focus and beat stress and depression, which often leads to fatigue.



For at least 1,000 years, people have used both lemons and lemon essential oils to rejuvenate energy and improve mood. Mixed with olive oil, lemon oil is a perfect addition to any homemade cleaning products, and can make your house smell great and repel bugs at the same time.



Studies show that peppermint oil can improve concentration, alertness and energy. At the same time, peppermint oil provides relief from stress, depression and mental exhaustion, making it a great oil to add to your daily routine if it’s stress that’s draining you of energy.



In addition to literally smelling like a breath of fresh air, some say that eucalyptus oil can clear negative energy around you. A sinus decongestant, muscle pain reliever, and disinfecting cleaner, this multi-purpose oil can boost concentration as well as help alleviate a slew of other health issues.



The fresh, sweet aroma of orange can lift your spirits and rejuvenate your mind. Don’t have time to run out and get all of these oils? Try rubbing an orange peel on your wrist, or putting one down your garbage disposal to make your sink smell fresh.




Another citrus oil that naturally lifts spirits and boosts energy levels, grapefruit is a powerful oil to add to your daily routine. For a great energy-lifting blend, mix some grapefruit oil with other citrus oils or an herbal oil, such as basil or rosemary.



Both French basil and exotic basil can stimulate your adrenal glands and relieve mental fatigue. Some believe that basil opens the heart meridian and is associated with clairvoyance and honest.



Studies show that rosemary can boost mental energy, contributing to enhanced focus and concentration. Additionally, studies show that rosemary oil can help decrease cortisol levels, boost immunity and more.



Some Reiki professionals believe cedarwood oil can help ground and stabilize one’s being. In the first Chakra, cedarwood helps connect one’s energy to the energy of the earth.


Tea tree oil

An anti-inflammatory oil that can alleviate inflammation from bug bites, skin irritations and more, tea tree oil also has a fresh, uplifting scent. Mix some with distilled water in a spray bottle and store it in your refrigerator. On a hot day, the tea tree oil spray will cool you off and wake you up!



The scent of cinnamon can decrease depression, increase stimulation and enhance immune function.


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How to use essential oils for energy and vitality

There are many ways to incorporate essential oils into your daily routine:

Use an essential oil diffuser: Essential oil diffusers are affordable, effective and easy to place in every room in your house. Just add the recommended amount of oil and water. Need help choosing the right one for you? Here is a great guide.

Incorporate essential oils into your skincare regimen: By making your own personal care products, you’ll be able to tweak them to include essential oils that address your specific health needs and avoid toxic chemicals at the same time.

Make your own cleaning products: Combine essential oils with everyday items such as vinegar and witch hazel to make all-natural cleaning products that will have your home looking – and smelling – great.

An important warning about essential oils

Although these oils can provide tremendous benefits when used for aromatherapy purposes, never ingest essential oils. Additionally, always consult your doctor before beginning an essential oils regimen.

Finally, always dilute essential oils with water (preferably distilled), as they are too potent on their own.

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