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Girl Sipping Water from Healthy Human Bottle

Healthy Human is a Certified B Corporation

Healthy Human Life is proud to be a certified B Corp. Here’s why it matters to us.

Why We Became A B Corp

Healthy Human Life became certified as B Corp in September, 2021, but our aim to reduce plastic waste started much earlier.

We support reducing single-use plastic bottles and packaging by providing durable, refillable alternatives.

We also promote healthy lifestyles by helping our customers stay hydrated, which improves their mental and physical wellness.

We give back 1% of our profits to non-profit organizations each year and we care about our community.

We became a B Corp to grow our impact.

We proudly wear our B Corp label to show our ongoing commitment towards impactful sustainability goals.

Healthy Human Bottles Hanging on Ropes - A Creative and Sustainable Display
Woman Tying Shoe Laces on a Bench with Healthy Human Bottle on her Left Side - Active Lifestyle Moment

What Is A B Corp?

Companies with the circular B label make commitments to do social and environmental good while making a profit. B Corps are certified by B Labs, a non-profit which provides independent verification. It scores and monitors improvement for B Corps annually.

B Corps are responsible to multiple stakeholders. In addition to satisfying their investors and owners, they serve their communities, customers, employees, and the environment. By operating in a way that benefits diverse stakeholders, B Corps take responsibility for their impact on people and the planet.

Make A Difference With B Corps

Whether you’re an investor, employee, customer, or partnering non-profit, supporting B Corps draws attention to the impact businesses have in their communities.

It’s important for all businesses to understand their multifaceted role in promoting social inclusion and equity, protecting the environment, providing financial benefits to their community, and operating with transparency. When you support B Corps, it shows you care about these values, too.


Learn more about B Corp and B Labs here.

Filling Healthy Human Bottle with Water and Adding Orange Slices - Hydration with a Refreshing Twist