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Healthy Human supports plastic waste reduction around the globe. Each year, 8 million tonnes of plastic flow to the ocean from 10 major rivers. That’s one garbage truck of plastic per minute.


This is just a fraction of the total amount of plastic produced each year: 350 million tonnes. Half of this plastic is designed for disposable packaging and containers. After just one use, half of all plastic becomes waste. Not only does single-use plastic burden our waste system, it pollutes our oceans and harms wildlife. It even enters our own water and food as micro-plastic particles.


Now you can Recycle and Recover 50 plastic bottles worth of ocean plastic with every purchase of a Healthy Human water bottle or tumbler removes. One purchase removes 1 LB of ocean plastic. Our Recycle and Recover program attaches impact to our products to help you address the problem of ocean plastic.


We have partnered with Ocean Blue Project to ensure each product makes an impact. Through a streamlined impact linked to sales, your purchase will get matched to plastic brought to collection points in 15 countries. Your plastic removal also supports the local economy of the collection point, because each time a waste collector deposits plastic, they earn a financial reward.


This way, our refillable drinking products do even more good beyond their refillable eco-friendly design. We hope to give you the opportunity to make an even greater sustainable impact.

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The following are a selection of the clean-up certificates detailing plastic collection from around the world.