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Top 10 Sustainable Lifestyle Blogs and Social Media Accounts To Follow

Top 10 Sustainable Lifestyle Blogs and Social Media Accounts To Follow

Do you want to learn more about how to live a sustainable lifestyle? Follow these plastic-free blogs, YouTubers and Instagram accounts!

It is so much easier to adopt a sustainable lifestyle when you have plastic-free friends to do it with. And if you don't have any other zero wasters in your life, that's fine, too. Allow us to introduce you to a new community of people creating less waste — à la the internet!

Here at Healthy Human, we've rounded up some of our all-time favorite eco-friendly living blogs, YouTube channels, and Instagram handles to give you the ultimate resource on living sustainably. These influencers cover everything — from cooking and shopping sustainably to bringing less waste into your everyday beauty routine.

Ready to check out the ultimate guide to plastic-free influencers? Keep reading!


Going Zero Waste

Going Zero Waste is a game changer — it's an all-inclusive guide to reducing waste for beginners. Kathryn Kellogg tackles all zero waste topics, from green and plastic-free beauty to living a sustainable lifestyle with a family, kids and pets.

She even curated a guide of her best blog posts for zero waste beginners, which you can find here. It features everything from the Ultimate Step-by-Step Guide to Going Zero Waste to an explainer on circular economies.

Read up, newbies!


Reusable Nation

Reusable Nation is the no-waste brainchild of Vix and Dave, South Africans who love and cherish the environment. Their blog features actionable advice and tips for people looking to start (or continue) their no-waste journey.

They call themselves a tribe of zero waste warriors and even offer an 8 Weeks to Waste-Free Challenge for newcomers to the movement. With tons of advice on beating the #WarOnPlastic as well as a whole page of product recommendations from like-minded companies, Reusable Nation is an informative resource for all no-wasters, both new and veteran.

Oh, and if you are in the Melbourne area, Reusable Nation has curated a map of zero waste places to shop. It does not get any easier than that!


Trash Is For Tossers

Trash Is For Tossers is another great, comprehensive blog for no-wasters. Lauren Slinger’s blog is a go-to for zero waste information. She writes about everything from no-waste dog treat recipes to sustainable wedding planning.

Her blog’s categories include Home, Bathroom, Kitchen, Cleaning, Food, Toiletries, Travel, Shopping and Office. Basically, there is a blog post for every possible no-waste question you may have.




Kate Murphy also goes by Beauty Huntress, but her account is unlike many beauty Instagrams' you might be used to. She focuses on posting about green, all-natural beauty (also known as clean beauty), most of which comes in sustainable, plastic-free packaging.

The yoga instructor endorses no-waste brands like Seed Phytonutrients and even provides no-waste recipes for skincare like manuka honey and spirulina face masks.



Shia Su self-describes herself as a vegan, zero waste nerd and tiny house enthusiast. Her particular mission at @_wastelandrebel_ is to reduce palm oil and plastic by documenting her experience living in tiny houses, composting with worm bins, eating organic and so much more.

Occasionally, she posts about zero waste beauty tips and she shares a weekly pic of her zero waste grocery haul for cooking inspiration!



Anne-Marie Bonneau, the zero waste chef, has three rules in her kitchen: No packaging, no processed food and no trash. Instead, her account shares lots of pics of her fermentation processes and other no-waste tips she has for cooking.

Zero wasters will find tons of cooking tips and recipes on @zerowastechef, so if you are a foodie, this is a must-follow!



CNN once called Bea Johnson “the mother of the zero waste lifestyle movement.” And for good reason!

Bea’s Instagram handle is where you will find a ton of inspiration for families living plastic-free. She has been living with her family trash-free since 2008 and even wrote the book Zero Waste Home, which was translated into 26 languages.

On @zerowastehome, you will find pics of Bea traveling the world for her zero-waste speaking engagements and press tour, snapshots of her home and low-waste life and of course sneak peeks at all the bulk shopping she does!



My Green Closet

This channel focuses on building a wardrobe of clothing that is environmentally conscious and ethical. Fast fashion is often one of the least talked about issues in the no-waste movement; many of us can make sustainable choices about food and plastic, but have a difficult time employing similar practices into sustainable clothes-shopping. That is because clothes-making (and buying) is a complicated process and not all companies are transparent about their processes.

But My Green Closet breaks it all down for you. The owner of the channel, Erin, worked in the fashion industry before starting to focus on ethical and environmentally-friendly clothes shopping online. She features capsule wardrobe how-tos, her monthly eco-friendly favorites and even shares her favorite natural and green beauty products from time to time..


Sustainably Vegan

If you have ever considered living sustainably as a vegan, Sustainably Vegan is the YouTube channel for you. More than just food, Sustainable Vegan is a UK channel that focuses on providing low-impact tips, traveling, minimalism and even how sustainability can mean saving money.

Couple that with recipes like how to make your own almond milk and homemade flatbread, and you have literally everything you need to be both eco-friendly and plant-based.


The Girl Gone Green

Sustainable living is possible, even while traveling. Manuela Baron—the YouTuber behind The Girl Gone Green—shows viewers how to live a sustainable lifestyle with her channel.

On The Girl Gone Green, you will find everything from your classic grocery store hauls to no-waste gift guides. You will also see a ton of international content as Manuela travels, making eco-conscious and intentional decisions during each of her trips.


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