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Live Life Healthy

Explore our Live Life Healthy blog for everything you need to live well, waste less and most of all, stay hydrated. You'll also find interviews from our community, and updates from our brand
In the process of turning her passion for healthy living into a career, our Brand Ambassador Courtney Kruggel talks about her physical therapy education, volunteering with CHAARG and why there's no one way to be healthy and happy.
It's B Corp month, so search for companies creating positive feedback loops for their social and environmental sustainability. Look for the Certified B Corp label on products when you shop. In this post, we feature four drink companies making it easier to refill your Healthy Human bottle or tumbler sustainably.
A plastic free life isn't easy, but it's possible. From anti‒plastic straw movements to plastic bans, people are ditching plastic for good. Here are some ways to live plastic free.
There are a million ways to stay hydrated. Here's how to rehydrate with more variety. Instead of just drinking plain water, learn how to refresh your body with delicious added touches.
Explore our secrets for how to make a smoothie to perfection. Use our inspiring tips and tricks to get creative for your next healthy, delicious smoothie.
Here are a few trending diets you've probably heard of: the raw food, keto, and intermittent fasting diets. This post is for beginners to learn all about them. 
Can being kind boost your health? According to research, being nice can have a positive impact on our overall health and well-being. Here are 7 ways being kind to others is actually good for us.
Herbal tea benefits range from stress-reduction to digestive balance. Get to know these 9 teas and how they can boost your health.
What are adaptogens? They are the latest wellness craze used to fight stress. These “super-herbs” are thought to fight stressors, from biological to chemical triggers. Discover which adaptogen herbs to buy from your wellness store.
180,000 people in the U.S. live off the grid. By living off the grid you’ll reduce your carbon footprint and get in touch with nature by disconnecting from your public utilities. In this post, you’ll learn how to start living off the grid.
Office coffee mugs certainly weren't designed with "flex jobs" in mind. Find out why Healthy Human Cruisers are the perfect alternative for people with a fast-paced lifestyle.
In honor of Black History Month, we wanted to celebrate black women who have become role models not only for their leadership, but also for their role in researching, exploring and protecting the planet.

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