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5 Best Water Bottles

5 Best Water Bottles

 JUL. 24, 2022 | Cirkul Water Bottle, Best Water Bottle, Larq Movement Water Bottle, Yeti Water Bottle

Finding the best water bottle for your lifestyle shouldn’t be a difficult process. That’s why today we are sharing our top 5 favorite water bottles! In this article, we’ll be comparing our 5 favorite water bottles so you can pick the best option for you without the hassle of doing your own research.

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1. Healthy Human’s 21oz. Stein Bottle

Healthy Human’s 21oz Stein Bottle not only boasts high durability with its sweat-free 18/8 stainless steel body, but it helps you stay environmentally conscious as you buy! With each purchase of one of Healthy Human’s water bottles or tumblers, they collect 2lbs of plastic.

 This means that you aren’t just getting a double-wall vacuum water bottle that keeps your cold drinks cool for 24 hours and your hot drinks hot for 6-12 hours, but you’re helping clean up 80 bottles’ worth of plastic while you do it. Coming in 30+ designs and a perfect fit for your standard cup holder, you won’t have to sacrifice function for fashion with Healthy Human’s water bottle -- you get the best of both worlds!



2. Cirkul’s 22oz Plastic Bottle, Lid, & Chill Sleeve

With Cirkul’s 22oz Plastic Bottle, Lid, & Chill Sleeve combo, you’ll be able to enjoy your water boosted by their drink blend, Sips, all day long! The shatterproof BPA-free plastic body, while not as durable as stainless steel, will still make a lasting water bottle companion.

 The chill sleeve is made from insulated neoprene to keep your drinks cooler for longer while you sip, and the ergonomically shaped bottle is specially crafted to fit your hand. While the bottle is clear, you can pick and choose whatever colors you like for the lid and chill sleeve, letting you express yourself while you sip.

3. LARQ’s 25oz Filtered Bottle

LARQ’s 25oz Filtered Bottle is a luxury water bottle with a built-in filter to improve taste and remove impurities from your water. The durable stainless steel body and included carabiner ensure a long-lasting and convenient companion for hikes, workouts, and everything in between. Sadly, its lid does not feature a hand-hold like most of the other water bottles on this list, though the carabiner should be enough to compensate for that.

This water bottle comes in only two colors -- black and white -- and has a built-in straw for seamless sipping. It also has the added bonus of fitting in standard cup holders! Just keep in mind that you will have to replace the filter every now and again to ensure your water stays fresh and clean.

4. Yeti’s 18oz Rambler Bottle

Though Yeti’s 18oz Rambler Bottle is the smallest water bottle on this list, it doesn’t disappoint with its durable stainless steel body and double-wall vacuum insulation. It also boasts higher customizability when you order through their website, so you can have a water bottle that fits you perfectly.

With 20+ colors to choose from, you can pick whichever color suits you the best when you order. This little guy is also cup holder compatible and comes with Yeti’s Chug Lid, making it easier to take quick sips while staying active. However, drinking hot beverages with this lid is not advised because of the shape of the mouth and the plastic material of the lid itself.

5. Healthy Human’s 32oz Stein Bottle

We already mentioned Healthy Human’s 21oz Stein Bottle, but we had to go a little bit bigger with this one. If you’re out on a long hiking trip or are simply trying to hydrate more, this big water bottle is the one for you.

Made with stainless steel and double-wall vacuumed to ensure your drink stays cool for longer, this water bottle is sure to be the gift that keeps on giving. While this one does not fit in most cup holders, it comes with a carabiner for ease of attachment onto your bag as well as having a lid allowing for 3-finger carry. Not to mention it’s also leak-proof and boasts various colors and designs to pick and choose from!

Now that you have all the information you need, get out there and find the best water bottle for you and your lifestyle! We’ve done the legwork, now it’s time to decide: what’s your favorite water bottle?