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IG Influencer Claire Xu Shares her Holistic Health and Mindfulness Journey

IG Influencer Claire Xu Shares her Holistic Health and Mindfulness Journey

 We interviewed IG Influencer Claire Xu on how mindfulness and self care keep her grounded. Read how her holistic approach to health includes mind, body and spirit.

Claire is a 20-something recent college grad working in investments in Cleveland, OH. Her Instagram @eatswithclaire is her passion project where she shares thoughts on her favorite things: food, fitness, health (mental + physical), and her city.

Claire also regularly blogs at Eats With Claire, a lifestyle blog where you'll find recipes, local eats, and experiences.

She hopes to inspire you to become the happiest and healthiest version of yourself.

As part of our Healthy Human Brand Ambassador interview series, this interview highlights the inspiring actions of one of our community influencers.  

Eatswithclaire lifestyle blog on mental health, mindfulness and holistic health

Could you please tell us a little bit about your blog and IG accounts?

On my blog and IG, I share personal aspects about my life, pictures of foods that nourish my body and soul, messages about my journey to food freedom, self-acceptance, and healthy living in order to help inspire others to tune into themselves and live their happiest and healthiest lives.

You share lots of positive messages about mental health and body positivity with your followers on Instagram. What inspired you to help others in this way?

I used to solely post photos of the food I’d eat out. One day, I posted a picture of myself and received many messages asking me comments about how I could eat out so much and still look the way I do.

These messages brought forward to me just how prevalent social media comparison and diet culture messaging are. As someone who has recovered from an eating disorder and did a lot of learning and unlearning in the process, I felt inspired to share my personal story and discuss topics such mental health and body acceptance.

What have you learned as you’ve built your community on Instagram?

As I’ve built my community, I’ve interacted with so many incredible people with different experiences, backgrounds, and perspectives. I’ve learned that there is a lot of value in being open to understanding others’ views.

As a 20-something, recent grad and foodie who loves to explore Cleveland, Ohio, what have been the most challenging parts of the quarantine and how have you coped?

It was definitely challenging, especially initially, to be in quarantine. My college experience felt like it suddenly got cut short, and a lot of aspects of my lifestyle had to change.

The most challenging part was probably no longer having as much access to the coping mechanisms I had spent years figuring out worked for me and struggling with my mental health more than I had in a long time. I’ve coped by practicing self-compassion and understanding that healing is not meant to be linear.

Having struggles is part of being human. Giving myself grace allowed me to let go of the things holding me back and figure out new coping mechanisms in the new situation such as getting outdoors, setting boundaries with my family who I’m quarantined with, and recognizing the small joys that can be found in every day.

How can people who love to try new restaurants explore food while staying at home?

During quarantine, restaurants, especially small local ones, have been strongly impacted. Right now, one great way to support these small businesses is by ordering takeout.

Another fun idea that I’ve been loving is choosing your favorite dishes that you like to eat out and trying to recreate or make your own version of them at home. There are so many incredible recipes out there, and being at home more is such a great opportunity to try them out.

Recently, protests against racism and police brutality have been happening across the U.S. How has this shaped your thinking on self-care and wellness?

The messages brought forward during the coming together to fight against racism that has been happening has definitely influenced the way I view self-care and wellness.

Racism is a systemic issue that is prevalent in all industries, including the wellness industry, and there is a lot of work to still be done. I also believe that part of practicing self-care and healing means addressing social justice issues and that in order to heal, we must extend the inner work we do for ourselves out into our communities.

What does it mean to live a healthy lifestyle according to your own definition?

By my terms, health doesn’t have a look. Rather, health stems from our behaviors and our relationships to our mind, body and soul.

Living a healthy lifestyle for me means intentionally doing things that will help me feel my best and making the decision to simply take care of myself in whatever way that means.

What does a day in the life of Claire involve?

I don’t really have much of a routine right now because I am interning part time. On my days off from my corporate job though, I am happiest when I take things as they come.

There are some things I do frequently though. They include making either a coffee drink or matcha latte in the morning, making a smoothie to drink outside, creating content for Instagram, cooking myself lunch, baking a new recipe in the afternoon, taking a walk outside, having a big family dinner, and typically ending the night with watching a show on Netflix.

Home baked recipe for holistic health

What are your future goals in the next five years?

I just graduated from college in May and will be starting to work full-time in investments in July. I hope that in the next five years, I can find my footing in whatever industry I will be working full-time and truly feel fulfilled in what I am doing.

I also hope to continue sharing about my life on the internet and potentially extend the messaging I promote on social media in other ways.

Why did you become a Healthy Human Brand Ambassador?

Mindfulness is really important to me, and that translates into the companies I want to support.

I love that Healthy Human supports sustainability and wellness, and they actively demonstrate that not just with their products, but also in the initiatives they take on in the world.

I, of course, love my Healthy Human products, but becoming a part of the family really felt like joining a community with a mission to do good.

The next few questions are short answer questions. Let's get started. Current favorite recipe:


Favorite chill out music:

The Late Night Vibes Spotify playlist.

How long can you stand in a handstand?

Anywhere between 1 second and 30 seconds.

Favorite time of year?


What’s your favorite Healthy Human product?

The 20 oz Cruiser Tumbler with the On-The-Go Cruiser Straw Lid.

Where do you #TakeItWithU?

Where do I not take it? I #takeitwithu literally everywhere--to work, in my car, to the gym, on my walks . . . even to my bed.

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