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Live Life Healthy

Explore our Live Life Healthy blog for everything you need to live well, waste less and most of all, stay hydrated. You'll also find interviews from our community, and updates from our brand
Enough stuff happened in 2020 to fill up several years. We wanted to remind you of the major events from this turbulent year, so you can tell your grandkids about it in the future. Check out our list and get ready for a bright new year.
We interviewed Leslie Osborne, a former pro-soccer player for the US women’s national team and player in the 2007 Women’s World Cup on her pro-soccer journey. She now works as a sports analyst for FOX sports and an entrepreneur as co-founder of Sweat Cosmetics. Learn about her approach to fitness and work-life balance as a mother of three.
We interviewed IG Influencer Claire Xu (@eatswithclaire) on how mindfulness and self care keep her grounded. Read how her holistic approach to health includes mind, body and spirit.
We interviewed plant based diet vlogger and blogger Kathy Davis on her path to becoming vegan. She also lives on the road in an RV with her husband and three cats. She shares her passion for plant based food and travel as well as tips on food prep and saving space.
In the process of turning her passion for healthy living into a career, our Brand Ambassador Courtney Kruggel talks about her physical therapy education, volunteering with CHAARG and why there's no one way to be healthy and happy.
Kent Atherton of GOPure Pod has made an incredible breakthrough technology for filtering water. In our exclusive interview, he tells us what inspired his sustainable vision.

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