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Explore our Live Life Healthy blog for everything you need to live well, waste less and most of all, stay hydrated. You'll also find interviews from our community, and updates from our brand
We interviewed plant based diet vlogger and blogger Kathy Davis on her path to becoming vegan. She also lives on the road in an RV with her husband and three cats. She shares her passion for plant based food and travel as well as tips on food prep and saving space.
The water crisis is the fourth top global risk. Read all about water facts around the globe and water scarcity solutions in this post. Take action and donate to orgs listed in this post. Water is too important to take for granted!
It's B Corp month, so search for companies creating positive feedback loops for their social and environmental sustainability. Look for the Certified B Corp label on products when you shop. In this post, we feature four drink companies making it easier to refill your Healthy Human bottle or tumbler sustainably.
A plastic free life isn't easy, but it's possible. From anti‒plastic straw movements to plastic bans, people are ditching plastic for good. Here are some ways to live plastic free.
180,000 people in the U.S. live off the grid. By living off the grid you’ll reduce your carbon footprint and get in touch with nature by disconnecting from your public utilities. In this post, you’ll learn how to start living off the grid.
How bad is bad when it comes to plastic water bottle pollution? Pretty bad. Americans buy 29 billion water bottles a year. For every six bottles people buy, only one is recycled. That leads to a big problem given the fact that it takes at least up to 1,000 years for every single bottle to decompose, leaking pollutants into our soil and water along the way. Yuck!
The average American adult makes approximately 35,000 decisions a day. It starts the minute we wake up! Snooze or shower? Jeans or shorts? Coffee or tea? Here is everything you need to know about stainless steel water bottle benefits and why choosing a water bottle is one of the decisions you may want to make carefully.
Each year, the Environmental Working Group (EWG) releases a report regarding which fruits and vegetables contain the most pesticides. The Dirty Dozen list, as well as the Clean 15 list that accompanies it, are great resources to help us understand when it’s most important to choose organic.
Exploring the pros and cons of the Paris Climate Change Agreement, why President Trump wants to withdraw and what people who still want in are doing about it.
If you are excited about the online world of sustainability but don’t know where to start, a great jumping-off point can be finding other people online who have vowed to live no-waste lives. Follow these plastic-free influencers’ blogs, on social media, or on YouTube.
Ever wondered why Shailene Woodley became vegan or how Leonardo DiCaprio got his reputation as a tree hugger? (We’re right there with you, Leo!) Learn how a growing list of celebrity environmentalists stole the spotlight with their cause.
Reduce your carbon footprint the easy way! The more sustainable tools you have at your grasp, the more likely you are to transform your home into the most sustainable version of itself.

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