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As sustainability more and more becomes an issue at the forefront of all our minds, it can be interesting and even fun to see which high-profile celebrities support the earth-friendly cause. Of course, we all know that Leonardo DiCaprio has a reputation as a tree hugger — we’re right there with you, Leo! — but many people want to know: Who else is supporting sustainability? Who are some of the most famous female environmental activists? And which celebrities do their best to support sustainable and ethical fashion?
Are you totally grossed out by the idea of using a reusable water bottle because of germs? Single-use plastic is hardly the more sanitary option. Rest assured, there is a sure-fire way to clean your stainless steel water bottle thoroughly -- that way you don’t have bacteria anxiety and can feel confident drinking from your reusable bottle.
Committing to a low-waste or no-waste lifestyle is, well, a big commitment. You might think you need to do a massive, all-at-once overhaul, but that really is not the case. In fact, it is so much easier and more manageable (and more cost-effective) to make tiny swaps in your everyday. After all, tiny, more sustainable swaps end up making a big difference. Trust us – the planet will thank you.
When it comes to sustainability, Africa has some important wins that we can all get excited about. From the Great Green Wall to plastic bag bans, learn how Africa has made positive changes in spite of many challenges to sustainability. We hope you’ll not only get inspired, but support the changes going on in Africa.
So much of our decision to commit to a low-waste lifestyle happens in the home. The more sustainable tools you have at your grasp, the more likely you are to transform your home into the most sustainable version of itself that you can. That being said, what does it mean to make your home more sustainable? It doesn’t have to break the bank, for one, and secondly, making your home more sustainable can be as easy as these 10 painless steps.
Learn how the Sustainability Movement started and what makes it different from Environmentalism. Then get inspired by a list of seventeen environmental and sustainability leaders whose work approaches similar problems from many different angles.
This year, sustainable packaging has become a hotbed of creativity. Spurred by consumer demand, companies are developing sustainable and innovative solutions to rethink packaging. It’s about time, since packaging accounts for 40 percent of the plastic that enters the waste stream. Here are the top sustainable packaging innovations that could disrupt packaging as we know it.
If you care about the earth’s resilience, you probably want others to join you. By building a sustainable community in your neighborhood, school or workplace, you can multiply your impact and engage others around green projects. These helpful step-by-step sustainability tips will show you how to influence others to join the sustainability movement.
Committing to a no-waste lifestyle may feel intimidating and at the beginning, like a huge lifestyle change. But as you become more accustomed to making certain choices, a no-waste lifestyle really is not that difficult. In fact, once you become “enlightened” about things like the dangers of plastic, the many ways we recycle incorrectly, and where our trash actually goes, it can be hard to “unsee” it.
Many of us recognize the importance of recycling and yet, don’t know how to properly recycle certain materials. With 79 percent of metric tons of plastic waste ending up in landfills or oceans, learning how to properly recycle and avoid common recycling mistakes can hopefully reduce the amount of waste made.
When it comes to environmental sustainability, there are clear winners and losers. Can you even name the world’s most sustainable countries off the top of your head? Read how the world’s greenest countries came out on top and what they can still do to improve their environmental reputation. You may be surprised to see who’s number one!
Bottle deposit schemes may have disappeared in some areas, but that doesn’t mean you can’t recycle for money anymore. Here’s how to find a nearby drop-off that will reimburse you for your recyclable materials. With recycling programs, laws and organizations changing every day, this guide gives you current and reliable information for earning extra cash by recycling.

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